Network Marketing Success – Why How You Eat the Elephant Has a Lot to Do With How Well You Succeed!

If you’re after network marketing MLM success and you’re having trouble then you’re not alone.

One of the biggest obstacles that people face is getting a grasp on all that goes into running a network marketing business.

However, the trick is that you don’t need to know everything there is to know before you start – or even to succeed altogether. This article will show you how to grasp everything little by little, and still succeed…

Eating Your Elephant One Bite at a Time and Still Having Network Marketing  MLM Success…

When you first start your network marketing business, your head starts spinning! There’s so much to know, and so much to do that you feel so overwhelmed. But that’s because you’re looking at the big picture. You’re looking at the entire elephant.

There’s a video floating around with the actor Will Smith. He talks about when he was a kid and his father asks him and his brother to build a wall with bricks. Thinking about the huge task as a whole, he and his brother are dumbfounded and overwhelmed…and basically tell their father that they can’t build an entire wall.

The father steps in at that moment and tells them something that Will Smith (and likely his brother) remembered his whole life. He said “Don’t think about building the whole wall, just think about each brick one at a time”. That’s a great lesson for a child to learn and a great lesson that most adults need to learn… especially those looking for network marketing success.

Your network marketing business has many facets to it that perhaps your sponsor didn’t even tell you about. We have many people come to us wanting to join our business because they’ve gotten themselves involved with an upline team that was dishonest, downplayed the work involved, and then didn’t even have a system set up to train or work the business.

People then get discouraged and give up, yet still have that burning desire to succeed and realize the beauty of network marketing and the potential success that it has to offer.

It’s sad because this is a great industry, and when people sponsor other’s into the business like that, and set them up for overwhelm – followed by failure – that gives a great industry a bad name.

If you’re looking at all the things that you feel like you have to learn in your network marketing business…such as:

• Trying to understand your compensation plan
• Having to know all there is about the products
• Needing to know all about the history of the company
• Having to learn every aspect of marketing
• Not knowing how to build a warm list
• Not know how to talk to the people on that list and actually feeling a bit scared to…
• Needing to know how to build a website
• Figuring out how to blog…
• Deciphering between social media and social networking
• Figuring out how to write an article…and what the heck to do with it when you write it…
• Etc.,Etc…

If all of that stuff has got your head spinning then there’s something that you MUST do right now if you want any chance of network marketing success…

You have to STOP! Stop thinking that you need to know all or any of that stuff before you can begin… or even begin seeing success.

That list up there is only a partial list, and frankly nobody knows how to do all of that stuff great. Not one successful network marketer is great at and/or has all of the above mastered. What the most successful have done is mastered one or a few at the most, and built an empire on just a few of the principals. And then…and only then…do they expand!

You can’t eat an elephant in one bite…just like you can’t earn a college degree overnight. It takes steps, and putting one foot in front of the other, and eventually instead of crawling toward the finish line to network marketing success… you’re sprinting.

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