Welcome back to multi-level marketing email basics, in the last post we covered setting up and designing an email list and form. We went a little further into the discussion of following a list to ensure success and the dangers of renting emails. This follow up piece will dive into subscriber retention and loss prevention. Many marketers around the world have little clue to as in why they are losing subscribers and how to prevent it. While for the younger generation it is easier to set up a new email, the older generation prefers to keep their old accounts and mark emails as spam or unsubscribe.

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One of the biggest problems is retaining subscribers on any given list. In multi-level marketing, this can be a daunting task, but it does not mean it is impossible. People leave for a wide range of reasons and some of them are interesting. Some reasons include boring content to irreverent material and much more. While it is hard to say the true nature of the reason, it does sting a bit to lose a subscriber. The worse part of it all is losing a subscriber that has been with the marketer for several years. So how do you keep your subscribers in shape and hungry for more?

One tool of the trade to keep subscribers in line is to offer a feedback option for your multi-level marketing emails. You can use a variety of tools to capture information from your subscribers. Another way is to offer a poll every three months or so to see who is still active and how well your content is performing. The information gained can help you develop better content and weed out those who are not active in your efforts. Keep in mind that some tools are great to use every so often and not everyone will respond accordingly.

You will lose subscribers during your career. It is all part of the business, but you can deal with losing subscribers in a positive way. Hopefully in your multi-level marketing emails you do have a feedback form for those who want to unsubscribe. Some people do not read the sign up form very well and end up being confused and they unsubscribe. The feedback you receive can help you improve all aspects of your email content. Realize that your subscribers are people and they only want information that will enable them to achieve a goal. So if the content that you send out does not help you. How can it help anyone else?

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