Multi Level Marketing – What it Means to Have Posture In Multi Level Marketing, and How It Can Dramatically Affect Your Business…

If you’ve been in multi level marketing for any length of time, then you’ve probably heard the term ‘posture’ pop up here and there and wondered what it means.

Worse yet, you’ve probably heard that you need posture when you’re making phone calls to prospects, and wondered what the heck does that mean? If they can’t see me, why do I need posture?

Posture in Multi Level Marketing

Multi Level Marketing
Well the fact is that posture is about attitude and confidence, and not so much about a straight back and soldier stance in this instance. It’s about how you come across to your prospects. It’s about making your prospects see you as a professional, who has something that they want and need. It’s about attitude, or as Austin Powers would say… “It’s about the Mojo baby!”

It’s about YOU having a GIFT for your prospect. That gift is multi level marketing. A way for them to earn a long term residual income. A chance for them to start their own home based business with some hand-holding. A way for them to change their lifestyle forever.

This also means that you’re not begging for someone to join your multi level marketing business. It means that you really don’t care if they join or not, because there are billions of people around the world, and a great deal of those people are going to want to join you in the greatest industry of all time. A great number of people are going to want to get hand held multi level marketing training from you.

Having posture means that you genuinely KNOW this, and that you display it outwardly to your prospects. This lets you go into your multi level marketing meetings with total confidence and composure, and makes your prospects feel as though they’re really missing out on something if they don’t join… even though you never had to say that verbally.

It’s the difference of Richie Cunningham and the Fonzie asking a girl on a date. Who gets the date and why? That’s right, it’s always the Fonzie. You have to be the Fonzie with your multi level marketing business…and certainly not Potsy, or worse yet Ralph Mouth.

Multi Level Marketing Meets the Dating World

Now my wife Ann always laughs when I use these analogies for multi level marketing, but let’s stick with the dating analogy.

When a man is out on the scene looking for a date, what happens when he comes across as desperate to women? How well does he usually do with those women? Usually not very well right? Why is that?

Well in the pickup artist world it’s called “value”. A guy who seems desperate hasn’t got any Value to women, and therefore has to increase his perceived value. In the pickup world you usually do this by having lots of women around you, by being within a group and being looked at as the leader of that group, and just overall being the alpha of the room. Those are the guys who get the girls in the bar, and those are also the people in multi level marketing who get the most prospects. I mean who would you rather join a business opportunity with, someone who’s desperate to get you to join, or someone who really doesn’t seem to need you much?

Now, in multi level marketing, you have to have posture to display your value. This means that you have to get ingrained into your own mind that what you have to offer is something of immense value to the person that you’re talking to.

What You’re Giving Your Prospects With Multi Level Marketing

You’re giving them the chance to fulfill their dreams. Their dream to own and run their own business, their dream to work from home, their dream to earn income passively and residually, and their dream to be a super star in an industry that creates more millionaires than stocks and real estate.

You’re handing them the blue print of how to run a multi level marketing business from home, where they can create a walk away income and have an income to pass down to their children.

The faster you understand that…and the faster you can drill that into your mind, the faster that you can truly begin to succeed…with posture…in multi level marketing!


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