MLM Websites – Where Should You Send Your MLM Website Traffic?

mlm-tools-300x225So many people are turning to the internet now to grow their MLM business. That’s awesome if they’ve set up the foundation for their business. We love the internet. You wouldn’t be reading this if we weren’t fully embracing the internet in fact.

But, so many people just don’t have a clue…

It’s really not easy after all. I mean most people are in a group with an upline who are as clueless as they are. Not to mention that most people just do not understand the internet. They don’t understand even the basic principals of marketing, much less the added elements of internet marketing. So the fact that you’re reading this right here right now should put you far ahead of the crowd.

It’s very likely that when you signed up for your MLM opportunity, you were given a website address that you would be able to lead prospects to. It’s usually a mirror site of the company’s main site – so that you get credit for the traffic that you send there if anyone should sign up.

Now depending on the company I can’t tell you how well or bad that website is going to convert. I’ll just assume that it’s not the greatest or the worst. It’s a middle of the road MLM website. So should you be sending your traffic there?

Well that’s a good question that could be answered in a zillion different ways, so as not to confuse you let’s just say that this website is all that you have and are likely to have for a while…

You’re not technically savvy, and you don’t have the time to learn, so this is what you’re stuck with. So how can you better this whole process to increase your chances of getting leads that sign up at this middle of the road website?

Well here’s your lucky day, because I’m going to show you exactly what to do…

First of all the short answer is that you ARE going to send your traffic to this page, but not right away. So eventually you’ll get them to this page.

Why eventually? Because if your company website that you’re stuck with isn’t great then what you’re going to have to do is pre-sell your prospects before they ever get there, this way they’re more likely to be open to the offer. This is going to cause that not so great website, and not such a high converting website to actually convert better.

You can liken it to the difference between a cold lead and a warm lead. So you want to warm your prospects up before they get to this site.

The way you do is by sending them first to a blog and/or a squeeze page. I say and/or because you can actually use your blog as the squeeze page.

What’s a squeeze page?

It’s a page where you collect the visitor’s information so that you can contact them again (and again and again). What are you going to do when you contact them again? You guessed it, you’re going to pre-sell them on your opportunity …again!

Now you might be thinking that you’re going to have to sit there and email by hand each of these people. Don’t worry you’re not. You’re going to use an auto responder that you’ll set up that will send out your messages automatically to each person.

Ok so what’s going to be on the blog? The blog is going to be all about YOU! Well you and your MLM opportunity, and how you’re doing with it. It’s going to have a lot of personal information so that people get to know you, and it’s going to have a lot of information about the benefits of the opportunity. Not lies… not made up stuff, but true honest to God benefits.

You’re pre-selling you and you’re pre-selling the business opportunity at the same time in essence.

How Do I Get Them to Give Me Their Info…and What Info Do I Get from Them?

You want at the minimum their email address and first name, and the max is the skies limit (phone number, address, shoe size LOL).

To get this from them you’ll have to give them something in exchange. Hence the squeeze…you’re giving them this “only if” they first sign up to get it.

A special report written by you, a video about your opportunity, a way for them to make extra money this month whether they join your opportunity or not. Something that they will perceive as valuable enough to give their preciously guarded info in exchange for!

Once you’ve got their info then you’ll be able to send them a ton of relevant messages about your opportunity, and updates of how you’re doing with it, and news of how they can start making more money etc.

How to Set All of This Up!

So now you’re wondering how the heck you’re going to set all of this up right. After all we’ve already began talking about all the things that you DON’T know how to do regarding an MLM website.

Well, here’s a little secret. If you look up to the top right hand corner of this site, you’ll see a little box that says… “How to Build a Massive Downline Explosion!” When you fill out your name and email address there, you’ll be sent an ebook that goes step by step in how to do all of what I’ve just spoke about here. Every little detail is covered and the best part is that it’s all drop dead simple.

Add your first name and email address above now, and you’re good to go.

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