MLM Training Resources– How to Write an Article Resource Box that Gets a High Click Thru Rate!


If you’ve been looking for MLM training resources that teach you exactly how to write an article resource box that gets a high click thru rate, then you’ve just landed on the right blog post for sure.

MLM Training Resources

Here’s the thing;

Each and every article that you write has the great potential of turning a prospect into a solid lead. And after that of course it’s up to you to close that lead, but as for now…you have to get the lead first.

Article marketing can be a great way to do that, but the bottom line is that you MUST get the reader to click your link

and get to your website (landing page). If not then they’re just going to carry on and go to another page altogether.

Most people who use article marketing get a very poor click thru rate. But you CAN get a high click thru rate if you do just a couple of things right, and STOP making a lot of the mistakes that most people make.

Now most article directories give you the chance to “get the click down in what’s called the author resource box

Most seem to follow the same structure as They allow you to leave to links within the resource box, which leads readers to your website. It’s how you write that resource box that makes such a huge difference in your article marketing…

it’s also about how well you use MLM Training Resources within your business!

3 Tips to Write a Resource Box That Gets the Click – Some of the Most Important Article Marketing Training You’ll Ever Get…

and think about utilizing all facets of your MLM Training Resources…all the time!

Tip #1 – Lose the Ego!

Most people who write articles like to make the resource box the place where they go nuts bragging about themselves and all of their achievements. I’ve even seen where people will list their awards, diplomas, and certifications etc.

The fact is that these people are doing themselves a huge disservice. Your reader doesn’t give a care in the world who YOU are at this point in time. They’re reading your article looking for something to solve their problem. Likely that problem is how to make more money, find a home business, find MLM training resourcesthat works, etc.

So the last thing that’s going to make them click is hearing about how great you are.  Instead make the entire resource box about how you can solve THEIR problem. That’s it. Don’t tell them what qualifies you to solve their problems unless it really triggers the click.  It’s time to put your ego away now and focus solely on the problem at hand.

There will be plenty of time to add your credibility elements later down the road, such as at your website or within your emails. But your article resource, usually your first point of contact isn’t the place or time.

Tip #2 – Tell Them What to Do!

You’d be surprised how many people are seeking direction in life, and won’t do anything unless told to do it. Most people won’t just click a link, unless told to do it.

What’s the best way to get them to click a link? Tell them right in the link. “Click Here Now!”  Three simple words that will do more for your business than just about anything! Call it what it is, a great MLM Training Resources.

You get two links in your resource box. But basically you should make both go to the same place. Only one will be anchor text that says “click here now!”  (The other should be anchor text with your main keyword.) An example would be this article where the keyword is; MLM Training Resources.

Tip #3 – Make it Look Like Part of the Article!

When people are reading an article, they get into a rhythm. Their eyes read along and when something different appears on the page, it’ll take them out of that rhythm. Therefore if  they’re reading one of your articles, and are genuinely into the content and sort of mesmerized (almost hypnotized hopefully) by your content, then you want the resource box to integrate perfectly as if it’s part of the article…think “MLM Training Resources“!

This is another reason why the ego driven articles don’t work. They break the rhythm of the reader. So when they’re reading along and they see something like:

John Smith is an MLM professional with 20 years of experience. Etc. etc.

That just shook them out of their rhythm. You want to never end your article within the body of the article, but leave people hanging a bit…and fulfill that curiosity in the resource box that integrates as though it’s just the next paragraph.

Click Here for an Example of a Perfectly Integrated Resource Box!

You now know more than 95% of the people out there who are writing articles to get leads for their MLM business.

This means that with higher click thru rates you have to write many fewer articles to compete for leads. This is what having great MLM training resources will do for you, and when you’ve got a mentor for an upline sponsor that truly cares about your success, then you basically hold the keys to success with your MLM business.


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