MLM success: Rewarding your downline

MLM SuccessEvery

MLM success

story or person starts at the bottom and has to climb the ranks to earn the respect and glamour that our business offers. The rewards are best shared among the company and it is nice to show your appreciation to your downline. Every step of success should be measured carefully as there are pitfalls and stumbling blocks that come along with the service. As long as you continue to be supportive to your team, your business will surely grow beyond measure.

How do I reward my downline? Your

MLM success

will often come from a strong downline, it is our jobs to support them and offer them just rewards for their contributions to the team. We can reward our downlines in a variety of methods and these methods may be company sponsored. Which in the long term is a nice way of reinvesting into our commitments and energy to us and our members? If you run your own venture and wish to reward your members, you can offer everything from gift certificates to exotic vacations.

As we build our downlines and business, we should set aside a budget for rewarding our members. Handing out perks every month or so, will not only boost the effort but will keep our members stimulated and motivated to continue their tasks. We can offer different types of goals for individuals and teams to accomplish based on location or some other factor. If you decide to use this route, you will need to make the reward justified for the particular goal. A $10 gift certificate at Starbucks should have lower requirement than a new car reward. Reasonable goals should be expected, be careful not to make the goal too easily or too difficult for your downline.

Before you shout out to your downline about a free trip to Olive Garden, sit down and carefully calculate the costs involved with the dinner and figure if it can be used as a tax write off. You can balance the cost with the possible write off with the slight increase requirements to cover the expense. Most members will enjoy the challenge but may be bored if you are only giving out a $20 dollar gas card for sales over $500. Practical sense and a smart strategy are needed when developing a reward platform to help inspire your members. At times you may want to take out the weekly winner for a nice dinner or lunch; the particular goal could be most recruited, conversions or most inspiring member.

Besides the increased benefits to the business, some of your reward programs can be downright fun. It never hurts to reward a struggling member that has a great attitude to a day spa, amusement park tickets or a free oil change. Your reward system will need some time to adjust for trial, error and development as you reward your members. The whole downline should have the same ability to land a great reward. Offering rewards in various degrees is a smart move to help increase membership and sales from the spectrum. Group rewards may be a bit trickier to develop; a little research and input from your members will help you determine a suitable prize. A general list could be movie tickets, amusement park tickets, concert tickets, movie downloads, and music downloads, tech gifts and more.

Some tech goodies that you could give away to individuals or group rewards may include computer systems, mobile phones, MP3 players, home theater systems, CD’s, DVD’s, etc. You can find some of this gear sold in bulk online and are awesome rewards. Remember what ever reward that you decide to use, cash or product; you will need to set fair and reasonable requirements so that your whole downline can participate. When you reward your downline? You are showing them that you are supporting their endeavors and care enough for them to be successful. The downline will value your efforts at the reward system and you may be surprised to see them going beyond the norm in order to achieve the goals. Your

MLM success

includes your downline and to continue your

MLM success,

rewards are excellent ways to inspire them to greater heights.


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