Mlm Success: Return of the Cash Making Mojo

Mlm Success: The Backstory for Part 1
If you have read “

Mlm success:

Oops, I’ve lost my cash making mojo,” this is a follow-up to that particular article. In the last article, the important lesson was to check your sales funnel to figure out why you are losing sales. The sales drought has many victims, and your business could be next. A wrecked sales funnel can mean severe damage control or the business is a bust. There are not a lot of fans of closed businesses, so let us avoid losing sales and prospects. If you had to make changes to your funnel or even create one (65% of the time), you can move on with the rest of this article. If you have not done so or not sure how to proceed, please read the first to this series.

mlm success


mlm success

has frustrated home-business owners since the dawn of time. It is not of pure bad luck that you have come across a sales drought. Seriously, one of the biggest droughts of all time was from 1929-1939 in the United States. The Great Depression wiped out the stock market and cash reserves. If a prospect cannot or will not spend their income on a needed product, what chance do you have to earn their cash? Your sales will plummet into the toilet, and you may find yourself standing in McDonald’s instead of the Warehouse Gourmet Bistro & Brewpub. The point is that a sales funnel offers a unique ability to track your prospects level of interest in your products and opportunity.

Mlm Success: Reinvent Your Campaign
In order to have a righteous level of

mlm success,

you may have to scrap your beloved campaign. This may hurt the lot of you, truth be told the learned wisdom can mean more earthly treasure if you scrap the ill performing campaign. This will definitely eat up your time in creating a series of emails and content. Start with the basics, the problem, education, the desire, the offer and then the sale. There are least five different steps, but the most important one is the mysterious sixth step that over 90% of network marketers have epically failed. The sixth step is the after sale care. Most businesses use this critical element to push surveys and other data eating monsters down the prospect’s throat. This means that each part of your campaign should be turned toward supporting the prospect in every way possible, even while you are pushing your cash making mojo agenda.


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