MLM Success – What to Do When You’re Lacking Persistence with Your MLM Business

MLM successHave you been striving for

MLM success,

but feel like you’re spinning your wheels doing so?

If you’ve been getting that nagging feeling like things aren’t working out for you, and have been considering quitting… then it’s important that you read this entire article.

Persistence is a vital characteristic of the people who succeed in MLM, and if yours is lacking, it’s time you learn to get it fast…whenever you need it.

Your Level of

MLM Success

Depends Greatly on Your Level of Persistence
Napoleon Hill was correct when he said that “Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.” Nothing could be truer! In fact this quote backs up another great and successful man Benjamin Franklin’s quote which is “Energy and persistence conquer all things.”

You see, persistence is the key to getting you to your goal. You set and commit to a goal, and then you persist through all obstacles to attain it. That’s how goals are achieved. Now what a lot of people don’t understand, but what Hill and Franklin seemed to understand is that persistence takes ACTION. They use the words “perspiration” and “Energy” which both boil down to action of course.

There’s really no such thing as persistence without action. If you’re not taking action toward a goal, then you’re almost by definition not persisting.

MLM Success

Means Drumming Up Persistence Consistently

So then, you may be wondering… HOW can I become more persistent? How do you drum up that level of persistence until it’s almost like combustible energy in a car that creates torque and makes the darn thing move…sometimes at incredible rates of speed?

The great thing about persistence is that action breeds persistence and vice-versa. It’s almost like a cycle. You take action, you start working toward your committed goal, you see some work being done and see some results begin to come to fruition, and that motivates you to become more persistent toward that goal.
Very quickly you become almost fervent in your quest for the goal, because of a) all the hard work you’ve already put in b) the fact that you can nearly taste the success, and c) simple physics… an object in motion tends to stay in motion.

That persistence is within you, but to kick start it you may just have to begin taking some action steps first. That’s where

MLM success

and persistence begin… with ACTION!
But what if you don’t know which actions to take toward

MLM success


If you’ve got upline sponsors that aren’t giving you a step-by-step action plan, then you’ve got an upline who isn’t really very worried about your success, and they’re keeping vital info from you. Then again they may not even know themselves.


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