MLM Success – What Role Does Failure Play in Success!


MLM SuccessIf you’re looking for MLM success…which I hope you are… there’s something that you need to learn to live with. Actually it’s something that you need to learn to look at a different way.

What is that something? FAILING!

That’s right, you have to learn to deal with the fact that on your road to MLM success, there WILL be times when you will fail. There will be things that you’ll try that won’t work. But it’s getting through those things that fail that will get you to the things that work, and work well.

You MUST Sometimes Fail to See MLM Success…

One of the things that kill 95% of all people’s would-be success in life is tiny little failures. Most people look at failure in the wrong way though.

You see, when you’re aiming toward a goal, like MLM success, then you need to learn to simply look at the things that don’t work as simple obstacles, rather than major failures.

You’ve probably heard about Thomas Edison failing 10,000 times before he finally got the light bulb right. What would have happened had he not tried that last time? Where would we be now?

Well the obvious answer is in the dark. And guess what…

When you don’t try different things, and have set backs, and endure things that didn’t workout, then that’s where you are with your MLM business as well. You are in the dark. In fact you’re so in the dark that you don’t even know what DOESN’T work, much less what does work.

MLM Success from Babe Ruth?

Babe Ruth is still considered one of the greatest baseball players to ever live. He had an amazing number of home runs in his career. But the funny thing, and the thing that most people pay NO attention to is that he also had an amazing number of strike outs. In fact he struck out MUCH MUCH more than most players, and much much more than he hit the ball. Pretty amazing right?

But guess what?

Each and every time someone like Thomas Edison, or Babe Ruth fails at something and invents something that doesn’t work, or strikes out, they do something that most people don’t. What do they do?

They learn from their failure. They learn from the fact that they didn’t succeed, and they set out to correct that in the future. Little tiny corrections over and over lead to huge success in the end.

Take a missile for instance. A missile is an amazing thing. A submarine can shoot a missile from miles and miles away, and still hit it’s target and sink the ship of an enemy. Now when you consider the massiveness of the ocean, which makes even the greatest ships and carriers like a spec of sand in the grand scheme of things…it’s a pretty significant event when a missile hits it’s target.

But the missile isn’t simply aiming for it’s target and hitting it. No, along the way that missile is going off track numerous times, over and over again, and constantly correcting itself so that it’s back on course to hit it’s target.

Now what if that missile were to just stop the first time it went off course, or even the 20th time? How would any Navy ever when a battle with that type of technology. It wouldn’t… unless the submarine pulled right along side of the ship and then shot the missile from feet away, instead of miles and miles away?

The missile was designed so that when it failed it is able to correct itself. And so are YOU!

So you may want to make it your new goal, that along the way on your road toward MLM success, that you look at each and every little failure as not failures at all, but simple events that you must correct your course of action and get right back on the right track!


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