MLM Success – Is Closing Leads The #1 Skill You MUST Master to See MLM Success?


What’s the #1 Skill for MLM Success?

So you’re on a mission for MLM success and you’re learning a ton of new skills.

You’re learning how to market your opportunity. You’re probably learning how to get leads. You’re probably learning how to brand yourself online, and get people seeing you as the expert. You’re mastering the skills of getting people clamoring to work with YOU.

But while those skills are necessary, there’s one other skill that you’ve got to have if you ever want to see MLM success.

This is Essential to MLM Success…

MLM Success

The fact is that no matter what you learn about getting tons of leads, and filling your marketing funnel…if you don’t learn how to close those leads!

You see if you’re buying leads, getting them on your own through your MLM marketing, or however you’re getting them…if you can’t close them then what good is even having them.

Now when I say closing them, I’m not talking about writing great auto-responders that get them to join. I’m not talking about writing a sales page that gets them to click a “Join Now” button. Heck with my personal MLM business, there is no JOIN NOW button.

So I have to be able to close these leads…and I have…hence the fact that I’ve got 24 years in this business with monumental MLM Success. I don’t say that to brag, I say that to make you understand how important learning to close leads is. This is also called “prospecting” in some instances. Prospecting is nothing more than what you say to prospects to get them to join your business. Hmmm, sounds like “closing” to me!

People have been trying to teach prospecting for years and years in order for distributors to have MLM success. It’s actually a lot like the new pick up arts. It’s part art and part science. Science because you have to hit on certain hot buttons that makes someone actually take an action (going out/home with you, joining your business). The art part comes in because it’s vital that you’re able to change your game so that you can adlib a bit when necessary.

This is why it’s such a necessary part of MLM success. But unfortunately very few people take the time to actually master it. Especially these days when people are afraid to talk to people! Everybody wants to hide behind their computer and try to do everything ONLINE!

Well you can do 95% of everything online, but you can’t close nearly half as many leads as you could if you’d learn to learn to close leads live and in person.

This is a subject that goes well into depth. It’s a subject that takes some amazing training, where you have to be dedicated to step out of the box and learn. It’s a subject that’s vital to MLM success.

And it’s a subject that Ann and I go deeply into depth when you join us in our MLM business. It’s something that we’ve mastered many times over and we’re still constantly looking for new ways, and we’re constantly finding them.

If you’re ready to learn to close prospects, and see MLM success, then click here now and let us teach you!


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