MLM Success – How to Find MLM Success While Juggling a Family

Of course you’re here on my blog because you want to find MLM success. This is the place to be in that case.

But what you may be having trouble with is finding the time to find that success, if you’re trying to also juggle family responsibilities.

MLM Success

It’s a bit of a “Catch 22” actually. While you’re probably trying to become an MLM success for your family, they can actually sometimes be the thing that holds you back a lot of times. So how do you handle that situation?

I’m going to tell you right now…

3 Ways to Have MLM Success, Even If You’ve Got 18 and Counting

#1 Help Them Understand You… Ok so first of all there’s that little thing when it comes to striving for MLM success called “Your Family Just Doesn’t Get It!”… and yes, that’s an annoying problem.

So first thing you have to do is explain to them what this is about, WHY it’s important to you, and most importantly (and here’s where you get to practice your sale’s skills) how it will benefit them once you become successful. Appeal to their wants, needs, and desires, and very likely they’ll be cheering you on.

For instance, you can tell them “If I am able to get 5 new distributors a month under me from now till August, we’ll probably be able to afford that cruise we’ve been wanting to take.”  That kind of thing always works quite well.

#2 Set Boundaries… While you may be able to get them to understand better, the truth is they’re really not going to understand how important it is for you to actually WORK toward your goal of

MLM success.

Not at least until you make them understand by setting boundaries.

For instance, you can say “Okay, dinner is over by7:00pmevery night. Therefore from 7pm until 9pm Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday (of course whatever days work for you)…I’m not available for anyone. I’ll be working. This means you must find something to do for yourself during that time. I will not break up fights, I will not handle problems except for emergencies, etc.”

You must make them respect that time. Once they get used to the pattern, then they’ll automatically give you that time…as well…they’ll probably get very good at settling things themselves. It’s amazing how that happens.

#3 Stop Feeling Guilty… One of the reasons that people fail to do the stuff that they need to do for their MLM business, and for their work toward their MLM goals is because they feel guilty about not spending that time with their families, or doing for their families.

But the truth is that you’re actually doing more for your family by becoming an

MLM success

, and working on your business than anything else.

You’re creating a business that will give you tons of free time in the future. You’re doing something that can totally change their lives. And you’re actually creating a business and income that you can pass down to your children. Not to mention that this income that you’ll be able to retire on in the future will mean that you’ll never have to burden them.

So feel good about what you’re doing. Do it with pride, and without guilt.

You’re actually teaching your children a huge lesson as they watch you strive for MLM success, and how hard work is required to get what they want in life.


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