MLM Resources – Ways That Using MLM Marketing Forums Can Help You Grow Your Business…

So if you’re like me, then your ears always open to not just new, but the most EFFECTIVE MLM resources out there for building your business.

The thing is that when you do find these resources

    you should make sure that you’re getting as much out of each and everyone one of them as humanly possible

. You need to milk each and every resource for all that it’s worth! I mean that in the most ethical way possible of course.

When it comes to MLM forums, there are many ways that they can be useful to growing your business.
MLM Resources

Why Forums Are One of the Great MLM Resources

Here some of the reasons why you should be using MLM forums for your own business…

#1: Recruiting (duh!)… Recruiting is an essential part of our business. We have to have people coming into our lead funnel constantly. There are few better places to brand yourself as an expert in the MLM field than in the MLM forums. It’s one of the best uses of any of the MLM resources.

That’s because everyone in the forums are potential prospects. Now you may think that this isn’t true because most of the people in the forums already are hooked up with an opportunity. But the fact is that current network marketers are one of the best pools of prospects for you business that there is.

Many network marketers are spinning their wheels, and what they’re actually looking for is guidance (hence the fact that they’re hanging out in one of the MLM resources that’s all about advice, tips, and guidance).

This makes your job easy, and as long as you can demonstrate that you know what you’re doing, and that you genuinely care about people, you will shine in the MLM forums. You’ll begin to have people approaching you in droves. It’s the epitome of attraction marketing.

#2: Creating Relationships for JV’s… One thing that network marketers don’t do well often is think outside the box. They don’t realize that sometimes the gold diggers (and I don’t mean the ones sitting at the bar in the Ritz Carlton) can also make some great money selling shovels to the other diggers.

But not only that, you can also do JV’s for lead generation and such.

The forums are one of the greatest MLM resources for that fact. There’s a lot you can do when it comes to joint venturing with other leaders in MLM to make it a win/win situation.

#3: Getting New Ideas… Sometimes it’s best to not try to be the smartest guy in the room. Usually it’s that “smart” guy who doesn’t learn and excel. In MLM resources like forums there’s a ton of opportunity for learning new and effective marketing techniques in real time.

This is a huge benefit to be able to hear of a technique from a fellow forum member, and then be able to put that in action the very day, and if it works be able to contact your downline and let them know about that the same technique…and simply watch your bank account grow. That’s the best use of these types of MLM resources…creating duplicity.

#4: Advertising (PPC, Banner, etc.)… Here’s one that most people would charge you for.

When you frequent a forum (as well as other MLM resources

like blogs and membership sites) in any niche that you’re marketing to, then you get to have a “feel” for that forum. You get to learn the lingo and the language of the members of the forum, and what they respond to.

You notice what sort of posts generates lots of views and responses.

Using this knowledge you can easily create an ad for that particular forum and really create a frenzy with that ad. For instance most forums have banner ads across the top of the forum. This is how most forum owners make their money. Many are very cheap for ad placement, and therefore using the inside knowledge that you’ve gained within that forum the ROI should be very generous in your favor.

So there you go, there are 4 ways that you can use forums and get the most out of one of the best MLM resources there are!


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