MLM Prospecting – What’s the Most Simple Secret to MLM Prospecting…and What Does It Have to Do With Gardening?

MLM ProspectingMLM prospecting is essential if you’re in our business. Makes sense right? I mean that’s the name of the game…you bring people into the business, teach them how to create a great living for themselves, and for that you get paid a commission.

Nice setup that’s done me and my wife Ann well for the past quarter of a century.

But a lot of people have trouble with this very aspect of the business. It’s pretty hard to succeed in MLM when MLM prospecting is a problem for you.

The Mindset You Need to Get Exceptionally Better at MLM Prospecting Fast

Have you ever had a garden?

When you have a garden, the idea is that you have to plant seeds in order to get anything to grow. No seeds and a little tender loving care – no garden! That’s just the way it goes.

But here’s the thing. When you go to the gardening section of your home improvement store, and you buy the seeds, are you looking at every seed and trying to figure out what that seed is going to do? Are you second guessing each seed? Do you judge the seeds, and then decide not to plant them because you already “KNOW” that they’re not going to do anything?

Absolutely not! You go home, you dig a hole, and you plant the seeds in the ground. You then do as much as possible that you’re aware of that will turn these seeds into lush plants – that eventually become full of beautiful, vitamin filled, and delicious fruits and veggies that you can live on well into the future.

Some of those seeds produce zero, some produce a crappy little dud plant that really gives you nothing, and others produce beautiful life giving plants of fruits and vegetables. Some even give you prize winning tomatoes, pumpkins, and whatever else they give prizes for in the gardening community LOL.

Your MLM Prospecting Should Be Conducted the Same Way

Here’s the fact…

No matter what you think, no matter how hard you try, you can never know what an MLM prospect is going to do!

I don’t care if the person is someone who’s never been able to hold a job as long as you’ve known them, and has no friends or family.

You may never know that the reason they haven’t been able to hold a job is because they hate working for someone else and just never had the opportunity to work for themselves… where once they do, they shine and outperform everyone in the network marketing company.

You never know that they may not have friends that you know of, but that they actually hang out in an online community of some sort with thousands of members and they happen to have a huge following in that community. And just one email blast to those followers will create a flood of signups.

You never know that they don’t have family here, but in their country, which is just a phone call or email away, they have a whole tribe who will absolutely love not only your products, but also the opportunity to share them with other tribes in the area.

This is stuff that you can’t assume. This is stuff that may surprise the heck out of you, and you never know that once you pass this person by, some other MLM distributor isn’t going to come along and NOT make that same mistake…and do make that person one of their MLM prospects.


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