Mlm Marketing – Unethical Competition and their Voodoo Tactics: Part 2



– DEALING WITH UNETHICAL COMPETITION: PART 1, we talked about how unethical behaviors can ruin a reputation. We talked a bit about managing your reputation. How you should not lose your mind over this type of behavior. In every industry, there are companies and individuals doing something a little unethical, but the dirty ones that attack you and steal your content; rip off your business has been the ones that are important ones to avoid. How can you fight back if you do not what some of their tactics are? You cannot fight effectively, but you can still fight back. This article should help you brainstorm ideas to help you creatively destruct those who want your success, but do not want to put in the hours to get it.

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Data Mining and Virus Planting

One of the biggest problems that you will come across for some

mlm marketing

companies is data mining. Hackers will use bots and other software bugs to steal or glean your content; they will spin the content and sell it on some well-known market places. You may never notice that you have been gleamed; fortunately, there are tools that you can install that will help prevent this act. Nothing is completely fool proof, but it will make challenging them to acquire the information. This is why you should never directly process any sensitive financial information on your site.

Virus planting is not as common as data mining, but it can happen. This is why you should be using Google webmaster and website scanners to look for issues. Your

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business is an investment, not taking care of it before hand can be a nightmare. Hacker’s plant viruses at will, instead of grabbing information, they will link or hide a virus in your content. Website scanners should be able to help you root out any problems, or you can have your administrator take action for you instead.

Fake Reviews

In diluting a strong reputation, sometimes the hacker will try to smear a business reputation by posting fake reviews and ratings. They will use articles and other means to start a smear campaign. All you can do is prove these articles and items to be false by having a transparent set up for your

mlm marketing.

Push high quality content on all the major channels and get prospects and members to write their honest reviews, etc.


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