MLM Marketing Tools – You Must Have This Tool and Know How to Use It Effectively for Success

Many people are looking for the newest and greatest

MLM marketing

tools so that they can magically take their business to the next level.
mlm marketing
However, most of those people looking for the magic bullet in MLM aren’t yet even using the most important tool in the MLM’ers arsenal…or if they are… they’re not using it even close to sufficiently.

Are you using the ONE tool that can make a huge difference in your MLM business?

The Auto-Responder…Perhaps the Most Useful of All of the

MLM Marketing

Tools Available

How many times have you put up an ad, either offline in a newspaper or online perhaps on Craigslist, at the end of an article you’ve written, or in a forum even?

Now, how many times have you left nothing more than a phone number? Or how many times have you just included a link to your website… which by the way doesn’t have a form to grab more of your prospects info?

Or worse, do you have a form, and aren’t following up with your prospects even when you get their information?

This is why NOT utilizing a good auto-responder service is…well…plain stupid. Sorry but it is.

Let’s think about that ad you posted, and the person who read it. If you just left your phone number and the person never called you, then that’s it. You can say goodbye to that potential prospect forever.

If you left just your website, and the person didn’t join right then and there, then again, GONE FOREVER!

However if you would have had a form and been giving something away in exchange for the person’s info, that person would have then made it possible for you to contact them over and over again.

You see, most people are missing out on one of the greatest prizes of doing business online these days. That prize is cheap and easy leads. You no longer have to pay a lead company money for old outdated leads again? You no longer have to pay 100 dollars per lead after an expensive direct mail campaign, or expensive magazine leads.

But you can grab a lead’s information and be able to email them directly over and over again (everyday if you like and if you have enough value to give), and keep pitching your business opportunity or products to them. This means that when a lead comes to your website and doesn’t join right away, they’re not gone forever. It’s not a definite “I’m not interested” it’s just an “I’m not interested right now”…while you still have the power and ability to stay in contact with them, until the day that they are completely interested and ready to sign up.

If you’re not using an auto-responder, then you’re missing out on the use of one of the greatest

MLM marketing

tools to ever be available to us…since the beginning of MLM itself.

But why have you not had things explained to you like this before when it comes to MLM marketing tools?
If you’ve got upline sponsors that aren’t giving you this sort of training, along with a step-by-step action plan, then you’ve got an upline who isn’t really very worried about your success, and they’re keeping vital info from you. Then again they may not even know themselves.


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