MLM Marketing Tips – 3 Elements Essential to Begin Generating MLM Leads Like the Big Dogs

MLM Marketing TipsIf you’re looking for MLM marketing tips because you need MORE MLM leads, then today is your lucky day for a couple different reasons.

First of all because I’m going to show you how to begin generating MLM leads the right way. And second because it’s much easier than you’ve probably been thinking it’s going to be and requires just 3 essential elements.

Leads are obviously hugely important to your business if you’re trying to grow at least, which I’m pretty sure you are since you’re reading this.

But if you want to start generating leads for your MLM business,then you need three elements to be there. This is one of the most sought after MLM marketing tips there are…yet most people get it all wrong… and most people don’t realize how easy it really is in theory. Sure there’s a bit of a learning curve in putting the elements in place, but nothing that you can’t learn in an afternoon.

MLM Marketing Tips for Generating MLM Leads

So one of the first things that you have to realize is WHAT an MLM Lead is. Basically it’s when a prospect gives you their information so that you can contact them at a later date.

Your objective therefore is to get them to give you that information. I don’t mean to trick them into giving it to you either. I mean to give them a good reason to give it to you. Most people online don’t like giving out their info very freely and rightly so, especially with all of the spam that’s being sent all the time. So therefore…

Essential Element #1: A Good Valuable Lead Magnet…Basically this is something that you yourself create or have created (or buy as PLR and modify) which is seen as valuable enough to your prospects that they feel it’s worth trading their personal information with you for.

This can be a written report which is downloadable as a PDF, or access to a video, audio, webinar, or whatever. The key is that it’s something that will be useful and perceived as valuable to your prospects. But where do you get this information from? Where does this exchange take place?

Essential Element #2: A Squeeze Page (that Converts)… A squeeze page is nothing more than a webpage that has a form on it so that you can gather your prospects information. On the squeeze page is where you tell your prospect about your lead magnet, and explain the benefits of the lead magnet to them.

It’s been tested that the best converting squeeze pages are the ones that are the most simple and direct, giving your prospects one choice and once choice only…either fill out their information for the lead magnet or leave the page. In other words giving them too many choices will do nothing more than confuse them and make them take no action at all. One page, with one action is all that you want this page to do.

Essential Element #3: A Way to Contact Your New Lead Again and Again…The way to do this is by using an auto responder software. Basically it’s a mail merger program that lets you hold all of your lead info in place, and lets you not only send them out automated messages on the given days that you choose beforehand, but also lets you send out a broadcast whenever you want.

The autoresponder that I recommend is most definitely Aweber, and the reason is that it’s simply the BEST and the EASIEST to USE. No other reason, and I would never use any other auto responder because none that I’ve ever seen holds a candle to Aweber.

So there you have it right here in front of you. The three essential elements to generating MLM leads.

Are These the Only MLM Marketing Tips You Need?

Of course there are other elements and each of these elements does have a learning curve. However, these are the basis of lead generation and without them you CANNOT generate leads at all. These sought after

MLM Marketing Tips

are yours to use and profit from.


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