MLM Marketing System – The Key Components That Every Effective MLM System Must Have!


Are you looking for an MLM marketing system that will have you seeing much better results than you currently are?

MLM Marketing System, Network Marketing

One of the key things about MLM is that the better your marketing system, of course the better off you’re business will be. The faster it will grow.

But how do you measure an MLM marketing system?  What makes a great system and what makes a bad one?

Well there are 2 things that matter most in MLM and that is your lead system, and your duplication factor. Both of those things must be in place for you to have a thriving business, and one way or the other, everything else falls into one of those categories.

You measure an MLM marketing system by how many leads that you’re producing from that system,

how well you’re closing those leads, and how well the system can be duplicated. Of course the more automated all of this is the better right?

If these are the factors by which we judge an MLM  marketing system then, how does yours stand-up?

Are you generating leads on a consistent basis on auto-pilot, or are you fighting like mad for each one of those leads…which are few and far between.  This is the system that most network marketers are using, so if you’ve got one that’s working consistently then you probably know that you’re way ahead of the game.

How about the duplication factor? How well is your downline able to take the same exact system and use it to build their business?  The fact is that usually if you’ve got a system that you’ve inherited from your upline, and it’s working for you…there’s a good chance that it will work for your downline as well.

However that’s not always true. There are exceptions, including the rare chance that you and your upline have most of the same strengths. In that case you need to re-evaluate the system and figure out how it can be tweaked to fill the holes.

An effective MLM marketing system is extremely important in this industry. In fact it’s almost imperative.

You must be following some sort of system or else you’re going to be all over the place. It’s got to be an effective MLM Marketing system or else you’ll be all over the place anyways.

The fastest way to find an effective MLM marketing system is to find an MLM upline sponsor who is successful and actually has a large downline that is seeing great success as well.

That tells you right there that whatever they’re doing is working and it’s duplicating down the line with their or own organization.

They may be using a system that they themselves have developed over the years such as Ann and I,

or they may be using one of the generic systems that are popping up all over the internet these days. Either way if it’s working, it’s working…and you will likely benefit from working with this sponsor.

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