MLM Marketing Advice – A Great Way to Get Ideas for Your Business

MLM Marketing AdviceAre you someone like me, who’s constantly look for good MLM marketing advice, but seem to keep getting the same regurgitated advice over and over.

Sometimes something unique will come along (and hopefully that something unique is coming to your from this blog), but for the most part everything else after 24 years is the same old same old.

Well if you’ve ever wondered how I tend to come up with some of the more unique ideas on this blog, and how many other very savvy marketers keep coming up with great ideas in their own fields… the answer might surprise you.

Is This Backwards MLM Marketing Advice?

One of the smartest things that any business person can do…especially in an MLM marketing business…is to get ideas outside of their own industry.

It’s the only way to break the cycle of what the great marketing mind Dan Kennedy calls “marketing incest.” Here’s what Kennedy had to say in an interview on this subject…

“My term for all of this is marketing incest, because it works like real incest. Over a period of time, everybody gets dumber and dumber and dumber.

He goes on to say this…

“It’s a very implosive process. And the best that can ever come from that, from everybody in a closed community observing each other, is incremental improvements. Breakthroughs have to come from going outside the closed community and getting ideas, strategies, techniques and opportunities from somewhere else and bringing them back.”

This is a very profound observation by Kennedy, and something that you should really think about when it comes to constantly taking MLM marketing advice from the same source time and time again.

So what do you do? How do you break the cycle?

Well it’s pretty simple actually. You simply study other industries. And not just industries that are close to the MLM industry, I mean other industries that are the furthest thing possible. Industries like the paper industry. How are they marketing their paper products? How is the chiropractors in your area marketing their service?

How does Nabisco sell Oreo’s? How did Domino’s Pizza recently turn their almost failing business completely around? How did a man with absolutely no skills for the job become President of the United States?

Studying these things about other industries will eventually become marketing gold for you. But don’t think simply about the marketing strategies themselves. Think about how this marketing hit the hot buttons that made them successful. Think about what made people respond to these ads and this marketing.

Once you’ve figured that out, you’ll start to come up with some amazing ideas, and the MLM marketing advice you receive elsewhere will seem like child’s play.


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