MLM Home Business – Should You Work 2 MLM Businesses Or Is That Spreading Yourself Too Thin?

draft_lens3262872module20662422photo_1236983379which_mlm_business_can_be_run_onlineThere seems to be a new sort of phenomenon lately with the internet coming into play in MLM.

That phenomenon is people trying to work two MLM’s simultaneously. I can tell you right now that if you’re trying to do that, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. You’re basically just taking away ½ of your potential and flushing it right down the toilet.

Here’s why…

An MLM home business is not a hobby. I know I’ve said that a zillion times, but I feel it’s always worth repeating since so many people just don’t seem to get it. So many people treat their business like it is a hobby and that’s a shame. When I see people with more than one MLM business I know that this is exactly what they’re doing…flushing their potential down the toilet.

Let me ask you a question… How many successful people in MLM have you seen that got that way by building more than one MLM business at a time? There’s really not a lot of these people if any.

This is because MLM is a tough business – and it takes time, commitment, and focus. To spread that between two (and I’ve seen people have more than two to be honest) is ludicrous and just shows that you’re not serious about being a success in the network marketing industry.

The time that it takes to get all of what needs to be done just to get started with an MLM business makes it nearly impossible to focus on more than one. There really just isn’t enough time in a day to be honest.

And when you do get an MLM business growing (or any business for that matter), this means that you’ve begun to gain momentum. Now why would you want to stop that momentum and begin building a new business altogether?

You wouldn’t is the answer. You wouldn’t, you shouldn’t, and if you’re serious about becoming successful in MLM then you won’t.

Now I realize that the argument that many will have is that a lot of people will have a primary MLM business, and have a secondary MLM business which may be an MLM marketing strategy or lead generation software as the product or service, which has an MLM structured compensation plan.

My answer to that is why? Why if you’re sponsoring someone in your primary business would you then want to go and try to get them to also sign up for your system, and charge them for that? These are the people that you’re supposed to be mentoring to success. Now that they’ve put their faith and trust in your, you’re going to try and sale them something else and tell them that the business that they just joined won’t work without joining this other thing first?

That’s not right. What you yourself should do is re-focus your efforts on finding a system that someone in your upline is using that is proven to work, and can be duplicated. If you can’t find anybody in your upline that has that then maybe you should consider joining a team that has a system like that in place for you to jump right into. I’m talking about a team with a system that you don’t have to pay to use!

The bottom line is that when you start an MLM home business you’re starting a true real world business. This business needs focus and commitment for it to become successful.

Down the road, when this business IS successful, and you’ve already got a residual income coming in that doesn’t require all of your time…then maybe you can start in on something else. Or better yet invest your money into another business that either runs on auto-pilot or that someone else is already running.

You could even purchase another downline if MLM is what you want to keep up with. But don’t spread yourself thin trying to BUILD two MLM businesses, even if they seem to compliment one another. They don’t!

The most successful MLM businesses are that way because the owner focused on that business solely. You should follow that lead.

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If you happen to be in an MLM business where they’ve sucked you into a MLM lead generation strategy that you have to pay for, and have no strategy of their own that they’ve handed down to you because they care about your success, then it might be time to look for a new MLM business.

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