MLM Email Marketing – How to Send Your Prospects Email Messages that Gets Them Joining Like Crazy!


your-prospectsSo you’re trying to figure out how to get the whole MLM email marketing thing down right?

It’s a problem that a lot of people have when trying to speak to their prospects that are leaving their info for them to join their MLM opportunity.

You wouldn’t believe how many people just waste their leads because they don’t email them.

How to Keep in Touch With Your MLM Leads by Using Effective MLM Email Marketing…

Email marketing is essential nowadays if you want to make money using the internet for your MLM opportunity. Email marketing keeps your name and opportunity in front of your prospects, as well as gives you multiple chances to keep in contact with them. Don’t you want to know how to write effective email messages to your prospects so that you have a better chance of them joining your home business opportunity?

Of course you do.

First… of all you need to make sure that you have a good system to email them through. Surely you’ve heard of an auto-responder system, and this is not the place to go cheap or free. Your best bet is to get an account at Aweber or GetResponse  and utilize these. I prefer Aweber. So what’s next?

Secondly… you want to make sure that you’re sending messages often enough. Most people are afraid to annoy their prospects with too much MLM email marketing. Nonsense! The great marketing mind Dan Kennedy says that if you’re not annoying some of your prospects then you’re not sending them enough messages and I tend to agree. Those that will unsubscribe from your list were probably never going to join with you anyways. Do you really want those people on your list anyways?

Third… you want to write compelling messages that speak directly to your prospects. You want to do a lot of research to really get into the psyche of your prospects. The more you can talk to their wants and needs the better chance you have of them responding favorably. The good part is that you were probably in their position not too long ago so you know what’s going through their minds. Isn’t it worth doing a little reflecting to find out exactly what they’re thinking for what comes next?

<b>Next…or Fourth</b> in this sequence I guess is getting them to open their emails. This means you need a great attention getting subject line. You need a subject that almost demands that they open the message. After all a message not opened is a message not read right? So how do you get them to open the message?

Use curiosity and a strong benefit. Never mislead your prospects. You can use curiosity cleverly without having to mislead. Basically you can take a benefit and ask a question about that benefit. That gets attention because you’re speaking to what’s on your prospects mind, and questions always evoke curiosity. But what happens when they do click?

Lastly the purpose of your email message is to get your prospects either back to your website where they can sign up for your opportunity, or get them to call you. But what’s important is that you are clear ahead of time of what you want them to do. You also need to have about 3 calls to action within your message…so if there’s a link that you want clicked on…enter that link within the email at least 3 times.  Or leave your phone number for them to call you 3 different times.

That’s what MLM email marketing is about…and you want to give them as many chances to get to join your MLM opportunity as possible don’t you?

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Remember this quote; “If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to meet it.”
And…Be the best you can be….every day!

David Feinstein


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