MLM Companies…One of the Big Lies to Look Out For When Choosing an MLM Company?

mlmThere are about 2500 MLM Companies in the U.S. alone, at any given time. That’s not to mention all of the various countries around the world.

This makes for lots of tough choices.

If you’re actively looking for an MLM company, then it can be extremely frustrating. Of course each and every one claims to be the best – with the best products. Each person trying to recruit you is of course touting their opportunity as the best one that you could possibly ever get involved with.

There are lists of the top MLM companies, but who makes these lists? It still doesn’t help you. It leaves you scratching your head, wondering which network marketing company that’s best for you.

Then as soon as you start coming close to some sort of decision, that little voice starts creeping up in your mind, making you wonder if it’s even a legitimate MLM company that you’re contemplating joining.

Listen, there are going to be tons and tons of things that you’ll hear as people are trying to get you to join their opportunity. It may sound like I’m trying to knock the industry that I’m in, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

What I’m trying to do is keep the industry ethical and leave it with a good name. So I hate unscrupulous MLM companies and “recruiters” as much as you…if not more. You see, this is already my bread and butter… and if this industry gets a bad name, then it begins to hurt my bank account.

I’m a huge advocate for this industry, and think that it’s the best way in the world to make money, and I want to keep it that way.

Ok so here’s one of the biggest lies that you’re going to hear when people are telling you about their opportunity. You’re certainly going to hear these words…

“The product sells itself”.

Now I am a big believer that MLM companies have some of the best products available in the marketplace. I’m also very proud to represent my company Agel, and our product line of easy to consume and super effective gel supplements. But I have never seen any MLM company’s product sell themselves yet.

An MLM company might have a product that’s so good that people re-order in droves. That is possible. Agel products fit that description. People reorder our products month after month because they’re highly effective, but the initial product purchase happens because either my wife or I sell it.

Basically…when MLM companies have distributors or sales material that say that the products sell themselves, this is not true. It’s basically playing on the fact that most people don’t like to sell.

I think that all MLM companies should stop with this lie. You will have to sell either the initial order (or even subsequent orders) of your product. More importantly you’re going to have to sell the opportunity itself. You will have to move product, or no money will be made. Every MLM company is aware of that fact, and you should be too.


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