MLM Business – Sometimes You Have to Kiss a Few Frogs to Find the Right MLM Business…and MLM Sponsor

MLM BusinessIf you’re getting frustrated because you feel like you’ve gotten into the wrong MLM business, well you’re not alone.

Admittedly, in the MLM industry attrition rates can be sometimes embarrassing.

There are a few different reasons for this, but the main thing is that you don’t give up on the industry just yet. There’s a good chance that you just haven’t kissed enough frogs to find your prince/princess!

MLM is one of the rare industries in this world, where you actually get to pick and choose the business that gives you a great chance for success because you get paired up with a mentor to show you the ropes.

But often people don’t realize how important this is on their first attempt (or sometimes two or three) and so they pick not only an opportunity that’s not really right for them, but also…and more importantly the MLM sponsor that’s right for them.

When it comes to the sponsor, usually “what’s right” is synonymous to “who knows what the heck they’re talking about.” Because a lot of people don’t know what they’re doing, yet they’ll market with the fake it till they make it attitude, which leaves some innocent people in their wake on their way.

One of the things to realize from here on out is that it’s up to YOU to make sure that you’re joining the right company with the right sponsors. Nobody else can do that for you. Though I hear that arranged marriages in some countries have a pretty high success rate, unfortunately the same isn’t true for choosing a home business opportunity.

Here are 3 Things to Look for When Choosing an MLM Business…

#1 A Company With Marketable Products…So you don’t want to strike out here, because even the best sponsor in the world CAN’T make people want your products if they’re not marketable.

By marketable I mean that they’re what people a) want (first and foremost)…b) need c) really love. In other words your products have to be effective. Now I’ve always thought that the best products to market are health and wellness products for one simple and easy reason. Health is something that nearly EVERY human being on earth wants to keep and improve and needs to sustain.

Not to mention that health products are consumable, which means that people are going re-order them each and every month.

#2 A Fair (better yet EXTREMELY GENEROUS) Compensation Plan…Why on earth would you work for peanuts when you can work for hundred dollar bills?

All MLM compensation plans are not created equal! Not by a long shot! In fact you have to be very careful here, because most are built on old outdated principals.

That’s why we felt pretty lucky to find Agel. Besides finding products that were extremely marketable, the compensation plan is the best that’s out there, and in 24 years in the MLM industry, and for my years before that as a finance manager for some of the highest caliber clients in the world, I’ve become sort of an expert on compensation plans and how to get the most money from an investment.

#3 Last But Not Even Close to LEAST…YOUR SPONSOR/TRAINER/MENTOR Yes, there’s quite a few dashes there. That’s because the person that you join with is about the most important person to your financial lifestyle that you’ll ever meet. In fact, as you’ve probably already noticed, they can either make or break your success with an MLM business.

Couple of things that you want to look out for in your sponsor for your MLM Business

You want to make sure that your sponsor IS right now where you’re trying to get. In other words, if you want to reach success, the best person to learn from is the person who’s already successful. Makes sense right?

But that doesn’t always mean that they’ll be great at training YOU. So you want to look at their track record at helping others see success. For instance we’ve literally helped thousands see success with their MLM businesses. In fact we recently won a huge award from our company Agel for being great sponsors to people all around the globe. We’ve sponsored over 50,000 people in about 50 different companies…and many of them are now living the lifestyle of financial freedom.

That’s the sort of track record you want to see in YOUR sponsor.

Yet there’s one more thing. You want your sponsor to have a SYSTEM in place, so that you can step right into and begin earning money ASAP. That’s why you’re in this business right? Well a system in an MLM home business is how you get to success, so therefore why join up with someone who doesn’t have a great system?

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty good sponsors, with a phenomenal business opportunity. It might be worth your while to check it out yourself, and get to know us better. We’d love to meet you. Click here for more info.


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