MLM Business: Creating lifetime connections

MLM businessMaking connections in business is vital, especially in your

MLM business.

Our connections are important; they often provide us additional resources or help us reach out to new prospects. In our communications with our network, we can aid them in their business solutions as well. A mutual benefit that is well rounded is one key to success. How we treat our network connections is important in determining rather they will be life time or short term connections? We need to be careful in how we handle requests and information between us and our network.

If we use instant messengers or emails, it is very difficult to determine the tone of the messages that are sent. It is easier to determine emotion and the context of a particular message through the phone or by video conferences. Even though we can use emoticons to disarm the message from being taken the wrong way, we need to emphasis on thorough messages. This includes a follow up text or direct message explaining our intent. Our vital

MLM business

networks cannot afford a setback due to a communication error.

In our

MLM business,

the support from our networks may have carried us through some rotten times. It is important that we need to show them the same support, during their rough times. How do we show our support? A delicate question, every member of our network will be different in what type of support they will need. Some need help finding prospects to an encouraging word. Some will come and ask for advice, this is a chance where we can foster a good relationship and hopefully will turn into a solid lifetime commitment. We can share resources to enable our networks to function properly, meaning training and products delivered on time.

If we treat our connections unfairly, ignore their pleas for help or something similar. We will put ourselves in a heap of hot water and will feel the fire. There are times that we may be in a problem and our network may fail, so we need to focus on supporting and encouraging every member in a positive fashion. There are errors that happen that are mechanical and human related; they are unavoidable. When this occurs, we could be in a middle of a virtual conference or sending out important messages. After repairing or fixing the issues, we may want to send out an email to our networks explaining the situation and offer humble apologies.

Taking these steps can help cultivate long term commitments and may create new relationships. So our online presence is vital that we keep in a good standing. When we monitor our presence and use a positive method to attract and to retain our key members. We are setting ourselves up for success for the long term; our

MLM business

is a long term investment. Our goals are unique and define our ability to network on a global basis. We need to think about “business relationships” that are functional and long lasting, sometimes these relationships blossom into friendship on a personal scale. This is always a plus for our social life and business environment; there are more benefits from a long term relationship, then a short temporary influx of resources.

There are short term gains or long term gains as we develop our

MLM business

network. Lifelong “friends” is a better investment module than using temporary gains. As we strive to build our business, we can establish our ethics into our companies and use them to benefit our networks. As our network grows, we grow as business owners and as people. Mistakes are made but we can learn and apologize for ours and then we need to move on and avoid repeating the same errors.


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