MLM Business – How to Run Your MLM Business So That It Doesn’t Run YOU Into the Ground…

One of the problems many people have when trying to become successful with an MLM business is time management.
MLM Business
Let’s face it, there’s a ton to do, and only a certain amount of time in the day to do it.

But wait…you started an MLM business so you didn’t have to work your butt off…what gives?

MLM Business Time Management Tips…

The thing is that you DON’T want to have to work like a dog on your business. You will in the beginning, but in time, some things need to become systemized, and automated so that you don’t have to spend countless hours on tedious things.

There are plenty of things that you can do however to make the whole process as smooth as it can be so you’re not banging your head against the wall.

Time management in any endeavor of life, but especially an MLM business is essential for success. The problem is that so many people get caught up in what’s called “busy” work that they never really get anything done productively. They never really get the big stuff done that leads them to obtaining leads, and getting those leads into your MLM business downline.

3 Keys to Being Productive With an MLM Business…

First…Prioritize: There are going to be endless tasks that could be done with your MLM business. Some of them will grow your business, while others of them will help your business minimally.

So which ones do you think you should do first?

You’ve got it. You’ve got to get a list of things that are going to help grow your MLM business the most. You’ve got to always make sure that you’re doing the essential for growth activities, rather than “busy” work.

The fact is that if you’re just beginning, you may not know what those are yet. But as you go you’ll begin to be able to put things in an A) B) C) categories. A being the most important money generating things, B) the important but not priority activities, and C) Just busy work…stuff that you’d love to get to but don’t really increase your income.

Always make sure you’re doing the most important things first, and completing them. Then if you get into the B) and C) categories, that’s good… but if not, you’re still doing growth generating activities within your business opportunity.

Second…Automate: We touched on this a little bit, but you need to automate as much of the menial stuff as possible. This is where using tools will help you a lot of times.

For instance you can automate your online marketing by creating a website with good SEO, and then collecting leads into a auto-responder system that automatically sends a welcome message, and is loaded with messages for the next week, month, or even year(s). You can even do this for your team, sending your downline motivating emails as much as you see fit to get them out there, building their businesses as well.

You want to automate as many things into systems as possible. This will free up tons of your time.

Third…Outsource: There are going to be tons of tedious little activities that need to be done, or that you want done when it comes to your MLM business. But a lot of it you either aren’t going to want to do because…well…it’s tedious, and/or because it’s time consuming and there are other things that you could be doing.

How to Get all of the Tedious Things Done in Your MLM Business

So what you do is outsource this work.

You can outsource just about any task that you can think of actually. Writing articles, writing emails, sending out emails, building web pages, cold calling prospects, sending out brochures, etc. You name it, you can hire someone else to do it.

Perhaps not right away and not until your MLM business is off and running, but you certainly should look to hiring out these medial tasks as soon as possible.

So there you have it. Now you have 3 very effective ways to make the most out of your time with your MLM business – which leads to success.


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