MLM Advice– A Leading Cause of Failure in MLM…and Life In General

I want to give you some extremely important MLM advice that’s going to help you break through obstacles in your business.

This is the type of advice however that will actually help you in almost every area of your life including your business, your job (if you still have one), with your family, with your life goals, with your religion, and even with your dating life I suppose.

And the great thing about this MLM advice is that everyone in the world needs it. But not too many people are willing to admit that they do need it. I hope that you will be.

mlm advice

Advice for MLM That Can Radically Change Your Entire Life

First a question…

If there’s one thing that holds people back from attaining their goals, and essentially doing what they want to do and living the life that they want to live, what would you say that is?

I’m going to tell you right now exactly what it is. It’s making EXCUSES

Here’s the thing about excuses…

Excuses are very devious. You see, excuses can often feel like a legitimate reason for why you can’t (or WON’T) do something. Excuses will make you feel better about your decisions to not do something that you know you should be doing, and they’ll make you feel okay about failing somewhere when you KNOW that down deep you truly had everything that you needed at your disposal to succeed.

Excuses will give you what feels like a valid reason to never start something in the first place, because of fear… FEAR that you should have just walked right through.

Excuses are like fruit for a person on a diet. When you’re on a diet, and trying to lose weight, one of the things that you MUST be careful about eating too much of is FRUIT. Why? Because fruit has a ton of sugar. Sugar that eventually stores in your body as fat!

But what people on a diet, who want something sweet will do is justify the fruit because…well…it’s fruit. It’s supposed to be good for you. It’s got vitamins. It’s got minerals. Yet…it still makes you fat, because it’s full of sugar. But when you eat it you don’t feel as bad about it because again…it’s fruit.

Excuses are the same way. You justify them in your mind as being valid. You look at them as REASONS more than for what they really are…which is a blatant excuse.

For instance, if you’re looking for advice for MLM success, then you probably realize that a great way to become a huge success in the industry is to talk to people that you know. Your warm list as it’s called.

But people all around the globe who join MLM make the excuse over and over again that they can’t talk to the people that they know. Those people wouldn’t be interested anyway.

That’s their excuse. They wouldn’t be interested. But there are thousands of MLM success stories that got started because of distributors who did exactly that without making excuses. They talked to their warm list. They signed up a couple of people, who then went on to do the same, and it simply snowballed.

Same with cold calling… Many people don’t like to cold-call. Their excuse…people don’t want to be bothered. Yet again, there are thousands of distributors who didn’t’ make that excuse, went ahead and made a ton of calls, and signed up some people, who went on and did the same…and now they’re successful in MLM.

How about a real life example… How about Sir Roger Bannister? Ever hear of him? If not he’s the first guy who ever ran the mile in under 4 minutes! Before him, nobody ever thought it was possible. Nobody did it because they used that as their excuse. It’s not possible. Nobody could ever do it.

Bannister however didn’t believe that was an excuse, and he worked hard to do it anyway. On May 6, 1954 he set to break the record at Oxford University, and did it running the mile in 3 min 59.4 sec.

Since then many people have done the same thing, over and over again. Why, because they no longer had the excuse that it couldn’t be done.

The best MLM advice is the same best advice for life…stop making excuses for why you can’t do things…just DO THEM!!

MLM advice


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