MLM Advice – One of the Biggest Things Keeping You from Success

MLM AdviceAre you looking for

MLM advice

so that you can reach success in this business?

If so then this may just be the most important article that you’ve ever stumbled upon in your life. How can I say that?

Because I’ve been in this industry for nearly a quarter of a century and have built downlines growing to over 50k, and if there’s one thing I know it’s how to create successful distributors in MLM.

MLM Advice

That You Need to Adhere To Starting Today…

If there’s one thing that keeps someone from success, in any endeavor but it seems to be very prevalent in MLM, is making EXCUSES.

Oh man… People have so many excuses for why they CAN’T do something and very seldom do they have or try to come up with reasons why they can do something.

Are excuses killing your chances of success in MLM?

If so then there’s really only one way to turn that around. It’s going to sound obvious, and you’re going to say duh, but here it goes…STOP MAKING EXCUSES!!

Now of course I understand that some things are easier said than done. It’s like telling a smoker who is addicted to nicotine… “you just have to stop lighting cigarettes.” Uh yeah, nice try. But it’s an addiction, which basically overrides any and all other commands that your brain gives. So you almost become a slave to the cigarette.

Same goes with excuses. If you’re a chronic excuse maker then it’s very much like being addicted to excuses. You’ll make them automatically. Your brain will override all other thoughts when it’s time to do something that you should be doing to succeed in the MLM world, and you’ll automatically begin to make excuses for why you can’t do something.

• It’s too hard
• I don’t know enough people
• I’m shy
• I don’t know how to build a website
• I’m terrible at sales
• Nobody is going to believe me
• Nobody is going to like the products
• People are going to think I’m trying to scam them
• I can’t write articles
• Etc. Etc.

The list could go on and on all day long. But the truth is that the only thing these excuses do is give an out. They give you a pass to not do the stuff that you should be doing like doing it anyways even if it’s hard and you don’t know how; working through your shyness and talking to people anyways; learning how to build a website or paying someone else to do it; getting to know your products and business system so that you do know exactly what you’re talking and people believe you…

Are you starting to understand how this works? Are you understanding how to get through your excuses? It’s simply recognizing that it’s an excuse, and doing it anyways. Take the action that scares you once anyway, see that you can get through it alive, and every time after it will get easier and easier.


MLM advice

might just be the turning point in your life and the catapult toward your success, if you use it right!

Are you going to use this MLM Advice?

Or are you going to just make another excuse why you can’t use it? The fact is that if you’ve got an upline sponsor who’s not helping you see how ridiculous your excuses are, and holding you accountable anyway, then they’re doing you more harm than good.


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