MLM Advice – How Important Is Personal Development to Your Business

MLM AdviceOne of the things I find interesting about MLM, and something that you may have noticed when asking for MLM advice, is how much personal development comes into play when it comes to this industry.

It’s actually been one of the things that I’ve always loved so much about the business.

Person development is a huge part of it and those who come into this industry not only grow the size of their bank accounts and lifestyle, but they grow as people too.

The Best MLM Advice Is to Be Willing to Work on Yourself

Here’s the thing…

We work in an industry of self growth. There’s really just NO getting around it.

The reasons run pretty deep, but for the most part it’s as simple as the fact that there are a lot of different elements to this business, and learning to do all of these elements effectively… almost always requires that people step out of their comfort zones and learn new skills while also taking on new characteristics.

Basically when you jump into the world of MLM, you’re jumping into a world where you’re a one person company from a to z. You’re the marketer, the customer service rep, the closer, the supervisor…you’re all of that and more.

Of course it’s fun as all heck, and being in charge of all of those things essentially means that you don’t have to deal with anyone else being in charge of those things anymore. But to be able to do it well and effectively, sometimes means that you’re going to have to develop some new skills and some new traits.

For instance, if you’ve been working for a boss for most of your life, then it may be a tough transition for you to have the self discipline to work for yourself. It’s not as easy as some will have you think, especially when they’re trying to get you to sign up for their company.

Not having somebody tell you that you better get your butt moving can mean that you never…get your butt moving. You’ve got to develop that part of yourself, and it will take a while, but without intentionally taking the time and steps to develop that characteristic it won’t happen.

Learning to do things like set schedules, be persistent toward your goals, setting goals, having the courage to talk to people, having the courage to close prospects, persevering through once debilitating fears, etc. etc. These are all things that you may or may not have to develop.

If you want to be successful in the MLM industry, it’s very unlikely that you’re already the full package that will excel without some personal development. Sure, some do come pre-packaged like that and MLM is a perfect fit for their personality and strengths.

But most of us have some work to do on ourselves, and the best MLM advice that I could possibly give you is to go ahead and take the time to work on those things, because the end reward is well worth it.


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