Lead Net Pro – Is It Useful for Getting Home Based Business Leads or a Big Waste of Time?

If you’ve been thinking about buying a lead generation system then you’ve probably heard of and wondered about Lead Net Pro.

Lead Net Pro is a system

that lets network marketers get leads online.

But the question is whether or not this is something that you want to spend your money, or time on trying to figure out how to use, or something that you shouldn’t just waste your time with.
Lead Net Pro
Honest Thoughts About Lead Net Pro…

It seems like every other month there is some new lead generation system coming out and being marketed to network marketers like us.

We see them come and go over and over again…and actually mostly go. As a network marketing professional I often have people asking me about either buying leads, or whether or not they should by systems like this to generate leads.

Of course I know that it’s vital that we have home based leads for our businesses if we’re going to survive. It’s just not a maybe, it’s a must.

But it’s how we get those leads that counts!

Many people will go out and buy each and every new lead generation system there is. They’ve got this one working half way over here, then the other working halfway over there, then when the newest one comes out they buy it and put it to use, because the others don’t seem to be working.

And the worst part about all of this is that they never really build a foundation of learning how to generate leads themselves. They keep spinning their wheels and going from one system to the other, but never understand what it actually is that creates home based business leads.

They don’t ever learn to understand the psychology, and how to write a capture page that gets prospects actually interested in your business to begin with. Then they never learn to write emails that keep the prospect interested and get them fired up from one email to the next.

These are the people who are looking for easy and quick money, and if there’s anything we’ve all should have learned by now is that there is no such thing.

So then where does that leave

Lead Net Pro?

What’s my assessment of a system like this?

This system goes out and scavenges the internet for what they call “leads”. What these leads are is simply scraped email addresses that people have on their websites. They say that if you’re a distributor for health products that you should enter keywords like chiropractors and target other health professionals. I agree with their strategy, I simply don’t agree with their methods of obtaining the leads information.

You’d be much better off creating content online that actually attracts these leads to you, so that when you send them a message it’s because they’ve come to you and requested it.

When you’re swimming in a river you want to be swimming downstream not up. I think that though it may be a fast software, and though it is automatic, and probably very good for what it does, I don’t like what it does. I don’t like gaining leads by scraping websites of their information, and basically sending them spam emails. This in a nutshell is what

Lead Net Pro does.


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