Lead Generation for MLM Success – in your MLM business

The biggest concern among network marketers is finding fresh leads for promotion. One can tweet and post Facebook updates until the end of time, but if these online tactics do not convert social media friends into active participants in your program what is the point of being online at all? In order to succeed in your MLM networking endeavor it’s important to encourage active participation among your current readership – whether they come through social media, opt-in e-mails, or even direct mail – and generate the new names and faces interested in your business.


To acquire free leads for your MLM business, sometimes, isn’t always free. However, with the simple investment of time and energy – and by taking on an even bigger role in selling yourself, you can make headway in attracting more interested in your products and services, and increase overall desire to join your team. Here are a few suggestions to kick start your lead generation.

Retweet to Win! One online network marketing expert we know found success in collecting leads through a simple contest held on Twitter. It’s no secret this powerful social network is used by thousands of people not just to report on what they ate for breakfast, but to search for opportunities for growing income. By holding a “retweet” contest – where to enter, all a Twitter user had to do was retweet the marketer’s message – our friend was able to track all mentions of her Twitter handle and choose a winner. The prize, an hour of the marketer’s valuable time for MLM brainstorming, proved a valuable prize. Think about what you can offer as a giveaway, set a time period to promote via Twitter, and watch your leads grow.

Sell Yourself, Literally. There is no greater gift you can give a potential lead than your own experience and wisdom. Recently, to aid a fund donating money to Tennessee flood victims, an MLM marketing master offered up a valuable critique to anybody interested in increasing online earning potential. Our friend tailored the “prize” to suit any bidder who might have an online shopping cart, an auction site profile, or a book to sell. Preparing in advance with a twenty-point white paper on online promotion, his auction prize was well appreciated, and raised money for a good cause.

What do you have to offer somebody new in the MLM game? What insight do you provide that is different from other gurus? Choose the most unique of your suggestions and package them as a free giveaway from your site or social network, but don’t forget to collect names and e-mails.

As the expert, you are also the brand. You not only have to sell your program, but yourself as well. Consider the impression you make when people meet you for the first time, then translate that into a proposition that generates leads to your website and social profiles. The more you give of yourself, the more potential marketers are willing to give back.

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