If You’re Missing These MLM Marketing Elements of Persuasion Then You’re Leaving Money on the Table!

MLM marketingIf you’re alive in 2011, then you’re roughly exposed to about 3000 marketing messages a day, give or take.

However the fact is that most of those messages have no affect on us, or sometimes anybody else for that matter.

What makes an

MLM marketing

message persuasive? What creates someone to want to buy or join your opportunity?

There are many variables in

MLM marketing

and persuasion that will either increase or with a lack of decrease your persuasion effectiveness. Most people don’t take the time to understand any of this. Most network marketers as a matter of fact won’t take the time to study marketing.

They’ll simply throw together some sort of marketing message, and hope that with all the competing

MLM marketing

messages out there it gets through, and creates a response. The truth however is that there is some critical variables that will make or break or marketing efforts.

Here are…

3 Elements of Persuasion to Increase the Effectiveness of Your MLM Marketing Audience…
Without first having the right audience, and next knowing exactly what it is that this audience wants, needs, desires, is passionate about, what consumes their minds…without all of that your marketing efforts are dead before they even get started.

You must know who your audience is inside out. For a

MLM marketing

distributor this will mean working backwards. This also means that you’ll have to segment your marketing so that you can talk directly to your market.

You must segment your audience by demographic, for instance men, women, age, marriage status, interests, hobbies, etc. The further down you go the better. Once you’ve done this then you learn every little detail about this audience until you can talk to them personally, at their level, even using their same language quirks.

Credibility and Proof…When you craft a message to your audience, the one thing that it MUST have for it to be effective is credibility. The reader/listener/viewer MUST trust you the message sender, as well as your claim that the product works.

How do you prove the claim? With PROOF! Proof comes in many forms…live demonstrations, credible testimonials, endorsements (especially endorsements by a mutual friend which has always been the idea of network marketing in the first place).

If there is no trust or proof then you may as well not even craft your message at all.

Continued Communication… This isn’t something that most people put up there as a vital piece of effectiveness, but I do.

Here’s why… It’s been tested over and over again that most people will not buy the first time. In fact most won’t do anything until the fifth to seventh contact…that’s the sweet spot. Let’s face it, we’re all basically window shoppers. We like to shop around. We like to evaluate our decisions, and make sure that we’re making the right one.

Sure there are those impulse purchases, but the fact is that not many people join a business or buy health products without first doing some research and shopping.

So sticking your message out there, and only giving yourself ONE chance to persuade your prospect leaves a lot of money on the table. But the good thing is that this is what most people do, and so as soon as you begin to capture your prospects information so that you can contact them over and over again, you’ve already given yourself a HUGE advantage over your competition.

Today this is easier than ever with the internet, but even for offline MLM marketing it’s crucial that you get information from your prospects so that you can contact them over and over.

Give yourself that advantage starting today and start gathering contact info from prospects.

The three things mentioned above are simply things that must be present for persuasion on a large scale to take place. There are others but these three will set you a nice foundation until you start adding other’s to the mix.


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