How to Watch and Deal with Defiant Behavior in Mlm Teams

Not all people work well in mlm teams. It sucks, but some people just have extreme difficulties in team environments. Even remotely, they tend to do somewhat better. They know they need to make a living, but somewhere down the road of life. They gave up pursuing their dream or became embittered after getting fired. It’s our duty as leaders to keep an eye out on behaviors that are not professional. We will face many issues in our careers. So it’s important to learn to find hostile behaviors and eliminate them before anything horrible can happen.


Finding Defiant Behavior

Finding defiant behavior in an Mlm team can be very difficult. It’s much subtler, than most other behaviors. However, it doesn’t mean that you can find it and deal with it. The main problem is separating behavior from bad moods and emotional turmoil that life loves to stab at us with.  Defiance is defined as ignoring orders, performing actions that loses credible to oneself or to an organization, while undermining authority given lawful to you. These can be actions or comments that are completely hostile. Why do people act this? They may have felt mislead by you, the company that you represent or can’t handle their own failures. So they unleash passive aggressive to aggressive actions to help alleviate some pressure.

Dealing with Defiant Behavior

How can you as an Mlm team leader deal with defiant behavior? Know your team, inside and out. Only experience of working with each of them one on one over time, can help you determine if they are having a bad day, dealing with issues or just burn out. As a team leader its your job to lead, not to babysit or cuddle. You will have to push your team to its limits. If they break, they can be molded again over the fires of experience. If you see backlash, you will have to deal with it. If you ignore it, it can bite you in the rear and spread like a virus.

Final Words

One of four leaders this year will fall and fail. Don’t be one of them, learn your mlm team. You can take courses to help you get the best out of team. There are solutions to defiance, from counseling to extreme measures. Never bully your team, be kind and listen to them and you’ll do fine. “De oppresso liber” from US Army Special Forces, to mean to free the oppressed. This career is supposed to do that, free people from the traditional oppression of the “man.”



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