How to Sort Through the Best Prospects to Work With for Your Home Business…

magnetAlright, so I’ve been noticing something very disturbing lately within the MLM business, and I think it’s something that you need to grasp…and the sooner that you do grasp it, the better off you’ll be.

So what is this something?

It’s network marketers who are sponsoring in desperation mode and not sorting through their prospects to make sure that these are the best people to work with.

You see, if you’re just sponsoring anybody then you’re working in a quantity mindset, but which ironically is a scarcity mindset. You’re too afraid that a prospect will get away before you actually know if you truthfully should just let them go. In other words you’re worried about someone not joining your home business opportunity, someone who you would likely be better off if they didn’t join.

The thing is that everytime you choose to sponsor someone into your home based business that isn’t serious, committed, and willing to take direction…you’ve wasted extremely valuable time that you can never get back.

Too many network marketers seem to discover this later rather than sooner, and by then the damage is done. The damage to their home business that is… because in the time that they spent trying to work on that one person who wasn’t serious and was only pulling them down further they could worked with 2 or 3 really great people who will go on to become amazing and build huge home businesses for themselves.

And you know what that means…that means you’ll get to enjoy the benefits as well being that you’re in the network marketing business.

Who Do You Want to Team Up With…

First let’s get something straight. If you’re thinking that you don’t get to be choosy with whom you work with in your home business then you’re very wrong. You DO get to be choosey. In fact you MUST be choosey!

You should only be willing to work with someone if they’re serious. So how do you know if they’re serious?

Well honestly you need to make them jump through some hoops before you will “allow” them to sign up. And yes I do mean allow, and believe me once you develop that attitude where you’re in control, and they see that…you’ll be swarmed with people wanting to join your business opportunity. That’s just the way it goes.

Another way of telling who is going to be serious is by people putting their money where their mouth is. That’s why if you have more than one level where someone can join your business, you should never let someone join at the lowest level. In fact you should never work with anyone unless they’re joining at the highest level and paying the most money. The reason is that these will be the people who take their business the most serious. They’ve got skin in the game, and don’t want to lose it.

This brings me to the next point. You want to work with people who have big goals. Not only big goals but a burning desire to fulfill those goals. These are the people who will do just about anything that they have to do to create a successful home based business.

Now you have to set the ground rules right off the bat and make sure that they’re willing to follow them.

They MUST be willing to be coachable and accountable for doing what you tell them they need to do. You have to be careful because many people will say that they’ll do this and that but when it comes down to it, when the comfort zone starts to stretch…then succeeding in network marketing suddenly becomes not so important somehow.

If you set up an appointment to speak with and train them, they must realize that they have to make that appointment or else they’ll have to wait until the next appointment before you’ll work with them. That’s just pure respect for your time, and if they’ll disrespect your time, then they’ll certainly disrespect their own time…and you don’t want anyone on your team who will do that.

Here’s the deal. You have the choice. You’ve got an opportunity that tons of people around the world want and need. A way to reach financial freedom, run their own home business and life, and you hold the keys to how to do it correctly. Granted that key might be your upline’s knowledge at this point, but still…it’s worth a lot to your prospects.

But you get to choose who you’re willing to spend the most precious commodity in the world that you have here on this earth and that’s time.

Alright it’s time to be choosy. If you like this article and you’d like to read more like it, and learn how to build your home business opportunity to heights that you never even imagined then click here now.


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