How to Reduce the Drop Out Rate in Your MLM Business…

MLM There’s a huge problem that people have in the


home business industry, and that’s having large drop out rates. Most network marketers will shy away from talking about this but I don’t and that’s because it’s just a fact of the business.

Now there’s really no way to ever completely stop people from dropping out. I mean that’s just a fact of life, and even a regular offline business has a turn around rate of some sort, but you can slow down this rate of drop out if take some steps.

The Biggest Reason People Drop Out and Give Up on Their MLM Business…

There is a reason why there are so many people who drop out of the


business. It’s actually the opposite of the reason our drop out rate is so low considering our 50,000 plus global downline.

The reason is that people have stopped being sponsors. Too many people are simply becoming recruiting machines and getting people to join their home business opportunity and just hoping and praying that they catch on and stick.

But the problem is that if you’re not being a sponsor and mentor like your downline is counting on you to be, then you’re leaving it all to chance, when you could be in control of your downline by showing them the skills that they need to stick around.

One of the beauties of this is that you actually begin to make more money per downline member, and therefore you can have even a smaller downline and still out earn the


guru with the huge downline.

The key is to mentor and train your downline members and get them seeing success. You need to train them in steps so that they can grasp the business without becoming overwhelmed, discouraged, and dropping out.

You also need to have systems for people to utilize so that they can begin to see success quickly and so they can teach their own downlines these same systems that are proven.

You see the


business is one of duplication. This means that if you’re a great sponsor, with great training, and great systems to use, then your downline members have a better chance of becoming better network marketers by modeling what you’ve taught them. This carries on down the line until eventually it takes on a life of its own.

Now the fact is that you’ll always have those downline members in your


business that do absolutely nothing. That’s life. If more people did the things that it takes to be successful then there wouldn’t be such a huge discrepancy between the successful and unsuccessful in life.

There would be such a gap between the haves and have-nots!
But you will have much less of these people if you show them from day one what to do, how to do it, and support them all the way through like a great coach does for his team. You’ll have much more of a chance that their downline members will get the same treatment and therefore grow your business for you in huge way.

So there you go, become a great sponsor in your


business and you’ll see a much lower drop out level and great success!


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