How to MLM the Right Way… Without Giving the Industry a Bad Name!

David and Ann FeinsteinI have to admit, as much as I don’t like to let it bother me…I very often get upset when I hear negative things about the MLM industry. I know that I shouldn’t since I’m proof that it’s an industry that can produce all it promises, and can be done ethically. But the problem is that a lot of people have no clue how to MLM, and do it in a way that gives the industry the good reputation that it actually deserves.

The one thing that I love about MLM is that it’s an opportunity where you can grow as far, wide, and successful as you want. There is no glass ceiling on MLM except for the one that you put upon yourself. That’s why knowing how to MLM correctly is so important…both for yourself as well as the industry.

First of all it’s imperative to know that MLM is a team sport.

Ann and I often say that the reason we’ve seen so much success in this industry is because we actually care more about our organizations success than we do our own. We love to see others succeed, and the benefit of that is that we ourselves end up seeing success. If you want to know how to MLM, it could really be summed up by simply caring about your organization – period.

Caring about your downline, and dying to see them succeed with integrity. That’s probably one of the most important elements that you could possibly adopt.

The other secret, when it comes to how to MLM the right way, besides caring and integrity, is to follow a proven system. This means, or may mean that you must find a team, or an upline sponsor who has that system, can and will take the time to show you that system, and will teach you how to teach your organization that system consistently.

If you don’t have a sort of upline now, the sort of upline that truly knows how to MLM, then you may want to consider finding an upline that does. We have that system and have helped thousands of others achieve their dreams in MLM because of that system. 

A solid system is crucial to your success, and having one is basically the key to how to MLM.

To be honest with you, there are a lot of elements to MLM to understand. It may seem overwhelming at first glance, but the bottom line when it comes to how to MLM always comes down to caring about your team, your company, and having a ton of integrity. Integrity is what will be your part in keeping this industry from being tarnished more than it already has by unscrupulous distributors as well as entire companies.

And if you have a proven system to carry on downline, from distributor to distributor, then you’re doing exactly what this industry was meant for. You’re running the successful blueprint that’s created tons of wealth in the world with this marketing method. If you’ve got those few things in place, then you know exactly how to MLM!


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