How to Find Network Marketing Prospects – Why You Should Stop Trying…


So obviously if you’re a network marketer, then you need to know how to find network marketing prospects if you hope to have any success in this industry.

Hopefully you agree with that. If not then take it from someone with almost a quarter centuries worth of experience (half a century if you combine the knowledge of both my wife and I)… you need to know how to find prospects.

It’s as simple as that!

But then there’s a little trick in that whole sentence. You know the part about “how to find”.

The truth is that what you really need to know is how to have prospects find you.

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In other words, the more ways you know how to get yourself, your opportunity, and your message in front of prospects for them to find YOU on their own, the much better off you’ll be.

Here’s the ironic thing about network marketing prospects and home business prospects in general. They’re everywhere! They want what you have. But they just don’t like to be marketed to.

It’s almost like when you were a kid trying to convince your parents into letting you do something. Or if you’re married trying to convince your spouse into doing something. It’s always so much easier when they “think” it’s their idea isn’t it?

Well the same goes with network marketing prospects. You have to make them feel like they’ve stumbled upon you, or that they’ve conquered a problem by finding you.

So therefore the key to tackling this problem of finding prospects is quite simply just flipping things around, and start focusing on making it brain-dead simple for them to find you.

How do you do that?

Well it’s as easy as getting your message out there in as many places as possible, either online or offline. But not only that, it’s a matter of getting that message in front of as many targeted people as possible. This means people that are going to want to see this message.

This means that you have to find out where these people hang out, and gently place your message in those places. It’s like planting little seeds. 

Online this is becoming increasingly easier and easier to do. This is because nearly everyone is online, and you’ve got a much bigger pool of people.

Therefore things like search engine marketing and article marketing are so great for finding leads in our industry. When someone types something into a search engine and your website, article, or ad pops up…they’ll be much more likely to click on that and read it because THEY ARE SEEKING THAT INFO.  But try to stick your ad in their face while they’re in their favorite “car forum” or “pet forum” and they’re going to see your message as intrusive. That’s because it’s YOUR idea and not theirs…so make it their idea!

Speaking of online discussion forums, this is another great way to get your message in front of people while they’re looking,

and not trying to shove it down their throat. If someone is in a forum where they’re looking for information about a home business or information about network marketing, if your message is presented correctly (helpful advice) it is a welcome message which again… makes coming to you “their” idea and not yours. This turns things completely around and will make your business grow by leaps and bounds.

So if you’ve been wondering how to find network marketing prospects, my best suggestion is to stop looking…unless it’s simply for finding a place to plant a seed.


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