How to Duplicate Your Upline…While Still Being Yourself In Your MLM Business!


For an MLM business, duplication is one of the keys to success.

It’s what causes a total newbie to be able to come into the industry and start seeing an income right off the bat, even if they never even heard of an MLM business before. Duplication is necessary in every aspect of this business, from both sides. Meaning that you have to duplicate your upline sponsors experience, as well as pass that experience down to your own downline as it begins to grow.

But something often happens in this process. A lot of distributors will lose their own personality because they’re duplicating their upline… I guess you could say…word for word.
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The fact is that what will draw prospects to you, and makes them truly want to be mentored and teamed up with you is…YOU!

Your personality will be the main thing that draws prospects in to you, over all the other people who are vying for their attention out there.

What you must duplicate however, in order to get yourself and your personality in front of these prospects is your upline’s marketing techniques and strategies. So in other words, if your upline is someone who teaches you to use article marketing for instance…you don’t want to copy their articles word for word.

In fact you just want to get the basic understanding of article marketing down from them (elements of an effective article, how to write good headlines, how to keep prospects reading, and how to write a killer resource box that gets them to click your link), and then beyond that you must inject your own personality into the article.

This keeps YOU in the article, and helps draw the prospect in to you…and your MLM business.

The same goes for any sort of marketing medium that your upline is teaching you. If it’s more face to face marketing of course you’re not going to want to try and act just like your prospect are you? That would look pretty ridiculous.

But what you can learn from your upline is; who are the best people to talk to, what sort of approach has worked for your upline the most, and how to have confidence and posture. You’ll then want to fill in all the blanks with those elements and create your very own presentations.

The key is to not mistake duplication for copying!

Duplication means to duplicating the actions of your upline, not the content. There is a fine line between these two things that can sometimes be blurred, and it’s probably better to err on the side of copying rather than not duplicating at all.

For instance, when a copy writing student is trying to learn the skill of persuasion, he or she will often be advised to copy by hand winning sales letters by the masters. This allows the copywriter to inherit the voice of winning copy, and transfixes this voice into the cortex of the student.

But obviously when the student goes on to write their own sales copy they can’t just out and out plagiarize the exact copy. It probably wouldn’t even make sense anyway, but the theme and the attitude of the sales copy certainly can shine through.

When duplicating your upline, or teaching your downline to duplicate you and your effectiveness, don’t confuse duplication from copying!

Your MLM business will thrive from duplicating, but will be weakened by simply copying verbatim, and not interjecting your own personality, charisma, and attitude!


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