How to build weaknesses into Team Strengths

One of the most important traits an mlm leader can have today is having the skill to find and turn weaknesses into functional strengths. In a global economy, teams are comprised of different cultures and languages. Even with English as the most commonly spoken language, many people are still limited in their proficiency. While some countries are leading the way in many areas, they lack the resources and benefits of some western countries. However, a well-groomed mlm leader can work in most situations and with people. It can be a challenge to find strengths and weaknesses in a new team. This is why a leader must adapt their efforts to encourage their teams to overcome obstacles.

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Finding Weaknesses through assessments

One way to find weaknesses is to use assessments to test knowledge and skills. Another way is to hold webinars with your team and talk with them. One on one interviews can help you find out additional information. These tools are not complete, but if you can get a monthly report from each member and review their performance. This can also point out some issues that your members are having. You can find strengths as well and this will help you put together a rough picture of your teammate. It’s not fun having to collect data to help improve others, but in the long run. They can boost their success, if they chose to follow your game plan.

List biggest weaknesses and strengths

Take a sheet for every member that you’ve done an assessment on and write down strengths and weaknesses. Create a separate file for each one, even for ones with couples. Don’t list flaws, you need to look at their strengths. A weakness can be tech related or a skill related. A flaw is like a bad habit. As you work on each profile and carefully define each area. Later on, you can talk to each person and offer mentor ship in a given area.

Final thoughts

Before doing any such program, be honest and list out your expectations. Create a plan of action, and guideline. Talk to your team and send out the plan and guideline and see if they want to participate. Exclude those who opt out. Never, include those who do not want the extra help or be analyzed. Friendships and teammates are more important than data. Allow them to have the option to join later, but do offer incentives and the reason to why you’re doing this. After all its to build a strong team, right.

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