There is a lot of misguided views about the operation of an Mlm business. Many people “believe” it’s a “numbers game,” and this is not the case. This is a wrong type of mindset and its consequences have shown up with the high turnover rate in the industry. Uneducated sponsors tend to burn the flock quick with their sole focus on their bottom line. This is not how rockstars operate their businesses. If you’re looking for a quick buck, maybe running a hotdog stand in New York will be better. If you want a real career with true results, then keep reading and learn how to turn it into reality.

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Breaking the Old Mlm Business View

Are you ready for some dangerous thinking? Great, running an Mlm business is not about the “numbers,” it’s about the strength of your network. You cannot touch everyone; this is why networking is part of the equation. You are powerful to influence some of the prospects, but not all. Playing the “numbers game” is for fools and it doesn’t work. It takes out the human spirit and replaces it with non-sense.  It’s time to break away from the old view and learn to humanize the business. Every effort, there is a face that interacts or comes across your marketing effort. There is pain, joy and other emotions behind every face. There is no qualifying label for marketing plan, you cannot dehumanize the business or you will burn yourself in the process. Connections and interactions have to be personal. People don’t buy into an opportunity unless your human and relatable.

While many of us out there remember interrupting ads and other traditional methods of marketing. In today’s Mlm business, this type of marketing is used by scammers and impersonal puppets. The world around is live and breathable, you can shape it and mode it by understanding that actions have all reactions. Your prospects are not robots and will not buy into your “opportunity.” If the process was this simple, everyone would in the business doing it. It’s not that easy, no matter how much you want to hide from the fact. You have to humanize your efforts or fade away into darkness.

humanizing your Mlm Business

This is the last section and it will be quite disturbing and quite painful for many out there for you. If you truly want success, your ability to connect with the right person depends on your ability to humanize your Mm business. How do you humanize the business? It’s simple, you create buyer personas and develop personalized content to help them. You help solve their problems with practical solutions. They are not numbers, and every blog post and video has to reflect some emotional intelligence and human spirit. This will connect with your prospects on a personal level. Its short, but it’s a powerful solution to help you get on the right track for success.

mlm business


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