Single moms or dads can run a lucrative Mlm business, without destroying family time. The biggest reason that people fail is there lack of commitment to the program. Balancing work life and family commitments is ever challenging. The single parent situation is difficult enough, but it can be done with a home based business. You don’t have to sacrifice quality time with your kids, you do have to make a schedule and stick with it to make it work. You will have to set boundaries and rules for the older children. Younger children are a bit more of a contest, when starting up the business. There are solutions to help you manage them, and the topic is a separate one from the main one here. You can learn and operate a great business from home and still have time for other events in your life.

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Mlm Business Quick Time Tips for Moms

Time management will be the trickiest element to manage for single moms out there. Your ability to focus and commit to making your Mlm business run will not be easy. You should set up to 4 hours for the business away a day. This is the bare minimal need to do marketing, networking, communicating with prospects and colleagues. Some can do it on less than four, but the burnout will happen faster. If you can work longer, while your kids are at school or daycare, that would help you grow your business faster. Pushing yourself too hard is not recommended, but whatever time you do have, you can focus it on down on three main areas.

Areas to Manage

  • Socializing
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Creation of Content

These three areas are important to your Mlm business. Why was communication left off the list? Let’s face it, you can check emails in bed or on elsewhere and reply as needed. It is important to stay in touch, but email is a little more relaxed. Always take phone calls from your leads and prospects. You can focus your time down on each of them to the exact minute, if you chose. Some may focus on one area during their day and move on to the next foundation, tomorrow. Use marketing automation tools to help spread your word, such as Buffer or even Hootsuite for your social. Take 20 minutes or an hour to socialize on your social media. Live interaction can help with sales and lead generation.

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