Good Habits vs. Bad Habits: What Good Habits Can Do for Your MLM Business

Success in Network MarketingDid you know that success is simple? Well, it’s simple but it isn’t easy. That’s because it all comes down to building and having good habits, and good habits are hard to acquire. Why, well because you usually have to break bad habits, and replace them with good habits… and a lot of people have trouble with that part.

The reason being is that bad habits are usually more enjoyable, and throwing those out, and acquiring the good habits takes more work. This means that an individual will have to go through a little bit more pain. It also sometimes means that you may have to step out of your comfort zone a bit.

The dictionary defines habit as “A recurrent, often unconscious pattern of behavior that is acquired through frequent repetition; an established disposition of the mind or character.”

So then what exactly makes a habit bad or good? That would depend on your intended goal. If losing weight or living long is your intended goal, then eating bacon mayonnaise sandwiches everyday is obviously a bad habit, and eating fruit and whole grain breads would obviously be a good habit. In other words, anything that takes you further from your goal would be a bad habit, and anything that gets you closer would be a good habit. Simple and easy!

So then with that being the simple solution, then it’s easy to see how good habits can massively increase your MLM success.

If you’ve got a habit of not talking about your business, then you should replace that habit by deciding to talk to at least 3 to 5 people (that you know) about your business each and every single day.

If you’ve got a bad habit of avoiding calling prospects, then break that habit and replace it with sitting down at the same time each and every day and calling your prospects no matter what. As hard as it will be in the beginning, this good habit will get easier and easier, and the consistency will begin to pay off in droves.

If you do prospecting online and you’ve got a bad habit of not updating your blog everyday, or every other day, then again…simply replace that bad habit with the good habit of making this something you do each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday…first thing. Before you know it, this good habit will lead to tons of great contact on your blog, more visitors, and therefore more prospects.

As you can see, acquiring good habits isn’t a hard concept at all. It just means replacing some of your bad habits. It may just mean squeezing in the good habits into your day actually, and not having to break bad habits at all. That’s even better yet.

My wife Ann and I train our organization to break their bad habits that we know will drive them away from their goals in MLM and acquire the ones that after 20 plus years of experience and mentoring thousands of others to achieving financial success in MLM – will help them achieve their goals.

If you want us to show you the system we’ve created, that includes tons of activities which lead to becoming good habits, that can lead you to achieving success in your MLM business, then visit our website.

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