Get the Best out of your Mlm Team without driving them bonkers

There is nothing wrong with pushing your team to their limits. It’s ok to want your mlm team to do their best. There are times, when your team will lax in their jobs due to their own individual success. However, it’s ok to give leeway, but if you’re on a big drive. You have to be careful in how much leeway you’re going to give. Fresh teams are wonderful assets, however, brand new members without experience will need more patience than those who are not trying. No one can become a veteran in one day, it will take years of continuous effort to gain the experience in this industry. So don’t hand out those battlefield medals just yet, senor.


Don’t push beyond their breaking point

An Mlm team is like a horse, it will go in the direction that you tell it too, but it can only do so much in a given day. If you go beyond the breaking point, you are risking your own limbs and respect. People may find a non-dictator to follow. They are not expendable resources, fortunately. So, you can’t burn them out and buy new ones at Walmart. Projects are not meant to be easy either, setting too low of a goal is asking for disaster. It won’t get them in mental shape for long patrols or campaigns.

Encourage, inspire, teach them

Besides setting up a team project and providing direction. You must also encourage, inspire and team them to become better team players. You are more than a leader, you’re an operations manager as well. You will have to provide insights and experience in certain campaigns and projects that you have in motion. Most people come from a background that is labor intensive instead of mental. It doesn’t mean that they are not intelligent enough to understand, it means that you have a lot of ground cover to explain.  So you have to blend in your training with messages that are useful, inspirational and motivational to achieve good results.


Final Thoughts

Leading Mlm teams can be challenging, but with time and practice. You can learn to motivate them to long term success. Your project planning skills and articulate skills are very important tools at this time. While individual success is the top priority, team success must be kept in mind as well. You can work with individuals to help them overcome personal obstacles without sacrificing time for the team.  Download this powerful eBook Command and Conquer: Your Role as a Network Marketer Leader, learn to step into the role as a true leader. This eBook will lay down the foundation of leadership, traits and skills needed for those moving up in the world of MLM.



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