What are your mlm success stories telling your prospects?

Sometimes a story can mislead prospects and others away from the path of enlightenment.

If your story is not true, do not publish it

you should wait until you have a factual story to publish. Your stories have to keep it real and on the level.

Made up stories or stories that go overboard can harm your reputation.

There are other consequences involved with using bad stories. How can you keep your stories on the real level? Should you use canned stories?

Your stories have to come from the heart,

be true to the cause and hit on the intelligence level. You should never use canned stories, if you do not have a true story to share, you should wait until you have one.

mlm success stories

Keeping your stories real takes honesty from the heart. Your mlm success stories may not be a book long, short stories will work as long as it meets ethical standards. The ethical standards required vary from person to person. It is

always recommended to be honest

and pay attention to exact details. You should ask the person for permission to use their name in the story or offer a pseudonym instead. There are a few ways to develop the story from concept into an engaging piece of content. It starts with the truth, facts and the basic questions such as who, how, why, when, where and what. You can place them in any order as you see fit.

Once you decide to develop your mlm success stories from concept. You will need to decide which format that you want to use. You can use articles, blogs, videos, Podcasts or any other format to deliver to your prospects. It sounds like a complicated process, but in reality, it is simple. You can hire an outside consultant to develop the story for you, as long as you provide the details. They may be able to return a fast draft within 48 hours for approval, but it depends on what format you have chosen for it to be produced in. You can always ask for suggestions or handle the work yourself,

when you are satisfied with the content, you can then publish it and promote it.

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