Do I Need a Squeeze Page for my MLM Business?

Are you wondering, “Do I need a squeeze page for my MLM business”?

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So I guess the honest answer is no, you don’t NEED one. You could build a huge MLM  business without a squeeze page. In fact Ann and I built a monster of a business, globally, before anybody even knew what a squeeze page was.

But the fact is that it’s another tool in your MLM business arsenal, and it can definitely help build your business by huge numbers, in many different ways.

So first what the heck is a squeeze page used for? 

Squeeze pages are also called landing pages, optin pages, and I’m sure many other things that I haven’t ever even heard of. But essentially it’s to squeeze the personal information (name, email, phone number) out of someone so that you can contact them over and over again.

It’s usually a one page website, but the squeeze page concept can be used basically on any website simply by adding an optin box. In fact you can add an optin box on a blog, and even your Facebook page.

The reason that YOU should have a squeeze page is simply because it can do amazing things for your business…especially your MLM business!

In the MLM business, one of the things that we need constantly to build our business is LEADS. Now we can go about getting those leads two ways. We can buy them or we can go and talk to people face to face.

Buying leads is pretty popular for an MLM business and when someone either burns their warm list or doesn’t want to contact them – that’s where they’ll usually turn. But we have to remember that these leads are being collected by someone else, and you’re certainly not the only person who the lead broker is selling these leads to. So basically it’s you and tons of other marketers calling these prospects for exactly the same reason.

Therefore by the time that you reach them (if it’s even a working number) they don’t want to even hear about another MLM business opportunity.

So how much better is it to gather your own leads? Leads that are not only unique to you and YOU ALONE, but also leads that are fresh!

In fact we’ve had instances where we had contacted a lead minutes after they’d filled out the optin box, and they were dumbfounded.

Most people are happy just to get contacted, much less to get contacted before they even get up away from the computer, or even off of our site.

So real time leads is basically the biggest reason to create a squeeze page, and depending on how you’re getting people to your site, these leads are basically FREE. Even if you are paying for traffic, if you get your conversion rate up, then you’re usually earning more from the leads than you’re paying out to gather them.

Now here’s the next great thing.

Let’s say you purchase a lead, and you get a name and a phone number. Well, you can only call that lead so often. And basically when you call you’re an intruder to their phone line. You’re an uninvited guest, rather than a welcomed guest.  So your chances of getting them to hear the benefits of what you’re offering are limited.

Now some purchased leads do come with email addresses, I realize that. But; a) these are very often throw away email addresses that people rarely check, b) if you email someone without their permission you could get into big trouble for spamming them, and c) even if you don’t get in trouble for SPAM, again you’re an intruder into their email address, and therefore it’s likely that your email is simply going to get deleted.

However if they are actively searching for a business opportunity, or for your products…and then they fill out the information at your website, they’re going to be looking forward to you contacting them. Instead of being an intruder you’re going to be a welcome guest, and that makes a tremendous difference.

Furthermore, once they’re in your auto-responder sequence… they’re there until they either join your business, or well…simply unsubscribe. But the point is that you can send them emails over and over, explaining in a dripping method the benefits that they’ll receive joining your business.

You also have their undivided attention, and if you play your cards right, they’ll begin to look at you as an expert, and someone that they’ve just “got to” work with.

So if you’ve been wondering “do I need a squeeze page” I hope that you’ll consider this blog post as evidence that you don’t NEED one…but it’s a huge benefit to have one.

If you really want to learn how to build your MLM Business start today using a squeeze page and you’ll soon notice that your productivity has increased by monumental amounts. And likely, so will your success.


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