Developing a MLM business strategy for Facebook

How do you develop a strategy for Facebook? What insane power in the sky do you have to pray to get the right strategy in place for you to be successful? No strange dances or rituals needed, you need to play attention to the trends on Facebook and formulate a series of tactical responses to them. Build your strategy around your critical needs; if you are low on recruiting; build it around that with successful content and reviews from members that are successful in your

MLM business.

MLM Business

Your strategy should be easy to implement and quickly launched. If you need to build content for the campaign then wait for a month and stock pile up the content.

A successful FB strategy has elements of goals, direction, start and end time and you can build up a solid plan with these three core factors. Grab a moment of time and sit down at the laptop and figure out what your biggest problem in your

MLM business

is. Is it low sales, zero interest, low recruiting, retention or something else that is not covered? These areas happen in an

MLM business

and if they don’t there is a major problem. Businesses always show signs of growth, shrinkage or stability in certain areas. Take your time and develop your strategy in theory first before launching it on Facebook.

Your strategy should be transparent and easy to spread like a virus across spread the social media accounts. The content that you need to have should be reflective and quality that is beyond addiction. Driving traffic to your website in a logical and organic way is recommended. What do we mean by organically? This means that the content that you use should be so rich in information that it feels like it adds pounds like chocolate cake. An article should not fizzle out like a sparkler. It should grab and pull the reader to your website. High quality content is expensive; I prefer using Al’s cheapo articles? Cheap content is not worth the time, but if you prefer to use second rate and stolen content in some cases; feel free but while others are using great content and getting their goals accomplished. Don’t sit there and boohoo, it is Al’s cheapo articles that are hurting you.

Don’t forget to use photos, videos as well as written content to keep your strategy up and running. Videos should be lively and entertaining to some degree while providing more than general grass feedings. Poor quality videos are not specific, generally covers a topic and never in-depth about any subject matter. BOO! Cover a subject matter, like a college professor covers their area of expertise; this is how you separate the goats from the shepherds. Give something awesome, get something awesome in return.  Your strategy to recruit, retain or to sell will be more viral than most companies if you infuse personality, information and a dash of secret sauce into the mix and keep up with the control aspects.


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