Rejection sucks, it does not matter if you run an

Mlm business,

asking someone out on a date, trying to get a loan or even trying to get into college. Rejection can happen at any time and it can hurt but handling it in the wrong brings the most pain. There are numerous reasons why people reject offers, opportunities or other aspects. You cannot always avoid rejection but you can have an easier way to deal with it. Rejection or a turn down is never easy and for most business, people may never hear the prospect say those words.
mlm business

There is a current rate of 50% rejection rate for the

Mlm business

industry at any given time. This sucks but on the other hand, your individual rejection rate may be lower than the industry standard. Dealing with the rejection in a positive fashion is done with the right preparation and understanding. You should have a clear mind and be prepared with prospects that cannot or will not commit to your opportunity. They will have list of reasons and it does not matter if they are legitimate or not. It is your job to create the environment for a sale to happen and then move on. Hearing no’s, reading no’s or other rejection notes is a painful experience.

Do not take the rejection to heart! You may have had success before this person and will after this person. Keep the rejection out of the emotional mix, even if you have been cultivating this prospect for months. Let it go and move on; use the experience as a stepping stool to make that sale. It is psychological aspect that can turn us into a gloomy monster, if we take it to heart. Do not play the blame game; avoid blaming the rejection on any one or thing. Examine the situation with an analytical mind and nothing more. Some prospects are scared to make a commitment or do not have the ability at this time to make it. Be prepared to wait.


mlm business

is not built on the back of one prospect. You will overcome this storm and find other interested prospects for your business. Keep in mind that you have a full arsenal of tools that may not work on every prospect. Some people are naturally attuned to your tools and others are not. Your mlm business is not dependent on any sole member except for you. You are the one on the front lines and can create a successful environment. Handling the rejection as routine training can make you see errors and problems that you may not have already seen.


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