Building Your MLM Business Globally


building_mlm_business_globallyObviously I believe that building your business locally within your community is the best idea to start your business.

But maybe you’ve already got that in motion. If so good for you! Or perhaps, you might just be one of those people who just are NOT going to do that no matter how much proof I can give that it’s the best way, despite what you’re reading online everywhere.

So being the MLM Whisperer, I have to give you the best alternative, and the way to build globally the correct way. If not I’m not doing you any sort of service, and I’m not that hard headed to think that everyone is going to listen to everything I say.

Okay so how do you build a global MLM business?

My wife Ann and I have built 2 global MLM businesses very successfully. Here’s the key. We built our global business with a lot of the same characteristics that we used to build our local business. We build a community and emerge ourselves within that community of friends and business partners. Notice I said friends.

We now have what I can truly consider extremely close friends all over the world because of this.

But how do you start this process though…that’s what you want to know right?

Well, it takes work in the beginning, but again the key is that once you get a core seed within a community in another country that you really work with those people to build their business locally and you expand that area like mad.

I won’t say that that’s the easy part, but many people will find it tough to build globally in the first place. That’s truly understandable.

The best way is if you have connections in another country. If you’re from another country than where you live, or you have friends or family in another country then that’s your best way ever. Reaching out to those people that you already know…

From that person, or those few people that you know, you can literally take over an MLM market in a country quite quickly.

It’s about building a community of like minded people, who want to achieve one ultimate goal…which happens to be FREEDOM. Freedom from a boss; financial freedom; and eventually time freedom!

But you have to make yourself present. You have to make yourself available to be a sponsor to these people. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be right there, but with the use of the internet, webinars, Skype, this can be achieved. Those initial folks that you sponsor need to be able to refer people to you on 3 way calls, get in touch with you for questions quickly, tap into your duplication system, etc.

You have to become a staple and presence in that community, even if it means that you’re not physically there at first. One of the perks to building a business globally is that eventually you’ll get to travel and visit these places where you’ve built communities, and you’ll be a welcome friend. A welcome guest! (Not to mention that there are some tax benefits as well for traveling)…

Now I know that you may have wanted to hear more about marketing an MLM business online. I’ll follow up this post in a couple of days with a post on that subject, so keep an eye out. But for now you should certainly start looking at who you know abroad already.

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Look forward to discussing this with you!


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