Breaking the Bank on the Use of Money as a Tool


MLM Success

may be attributed to other factors than money measurement. It should not be, without a proper network and recruiting campaign, you would not have the money. Most men may have measured their

MLM success

by money, but their networks and interpersonal skills are singing a different story.
MLM Success
Money can be used as a tool to help measure a specific set of success in general but on a personal basis, this may come across a bit egotistical to some people.
Why Do Some Men Use Money As a Tool To Their Prospects? The answer may be psychological that helps boost their confidence level, when dealing with peers or with a potential recruit. When speaking to a potential prospect about joining the downline, personal money measurement should be kept at the bare minimum. Most people may not admit that they do not like to hear about personal financial gains. If you are speaking in terms of business, this changes the whole concept of using money as a tool.

Talking about your business success from a financial standpoint is not a bad idea, considering the personal aspect is restricted; most listeners realize that you have a support staff and it does not come across as egotistical.

Why Do Women Measure Their

MLM Success

In A Different Fashion? Most women may view money as a tool to boost their resources but not as a temporary confidence influx. They prefer to network and build up the psychological aspects with conditioning then base their success on a materialistic view.

Their downlines reflect the time, energy and creative approaches to success. They tend to treat money as a tool to help foster new business relationships across the networking board. There are exceptions to everything and this may not apply to every case (men or women) but is a general idea since the dawn of business.

You Can Empower Your Downline with Incentives to enhance their behaviors to produce more, measure your gains and losses, measure your short and long-term goals.
You cannot always measure success or achievements by money. The greatest method to measure your success is through human management; this key concept is the core foundation for the top tier of corporations and moderate sized businesses.

Human management is more social and mental and it starts with your way of thinking. If you talk to 20 new people every day with the wrong mindset, the chances are they will simply ignore you or create a reason to break away from the conversation.

Money, Human Management, Marketing, Ethical Business Practices and Education are the primary tools to measure your

MLM success.

There may be additional tools that are beneficial to your business success but the core roots should be established and evaluated on a nearly constant basis. You will find success if you develop the right tools from the start and revamp them accordingly to the business needs. It starts with you, the effort and trust in yourself will always carry you through the darkest of times and it will place you on the path of freedom.


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