Beyond the Looking Glass

MLM network“A person is a person, no matter how small”… Dr. Seuss

Social is on fire and we are the fire-fighters that must combat the blazing world of online marketing. We are alone on the forest floor but our “hose” is our

MLM network

and we must boost everyone’s potential and mind-set. Every piece of the firefighting equipment must work as one or we will fail. Are you ready to jump into the blazing flames below you? Look beyond the glass and realize that every person that you come in contact with is a super star in some fashion.

We believe in you, it is your turn to take our humble gift and believe in another person or more. Can you handle the raging inferno of the social media heat? Your reputation is spread like butter on a piece of bread through your network. If any part of your

MLM network

is weak, it is your job to encourage and to inspire them to greater heights. To do this, we must examine and partake in every meeting seminar in order to become masters of our universe. There is no magic pill, no fairy tale spell that can make it easier. We must put in the blood, sweat and tears to become rich, successful and independent from the mainframe.

Why should you care? Like in forest fire, if one fire fighter quits the whole forest is lost. You are the leader, the Dalia Lama, the President, the King or Queen of your business. It is your sacred duty to uphold the laws of leadership, even in the wildest blaze that Twitter and Pinterest can consume you in. Are you ready to rock and roll like a superstar? Great there are a few keys to social media management that are a must to keep you on track. Rule 1) Avoid addiction; Rule 2) Keep your cool; Rule 3) Maintain regular schedule with your tweets.

Rule 1 is the most important one to keep to, Twitter is an addiction and keep knock you off schedule, there is nothing wrong with spending an hour or two every day, mix up your personal and business pleasure with Twitter. This hybrid account is the most effective to use to attract, retain and to drive sales to your products, it also helps your

MLM network

to grow and expand. People want to know about you, focus on “personality” with Twitter, humor and wisdom works very well to attract people to your account. Go ahead and take boldness to a new level, tame the fires of Twitter with your personality and charm but beware of naysayers and doomsayers across the land of Twitter.

Are you driven enough to ignore the persistent problems of your

MLM network?

I hope not, your network needs help in order to become superstars and to gain traction in the world of social media. Help them by meeting with them on Skype or by the telephone. Give a lecture on your experiences with social media and life may become a bit smoother for you.


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