Be there for your network

Best MLM compensation planSupport your network with the right tools. Be there for your network in their times of need. The

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will help cover marketing plans and other expenses. Your network needs to grow and you can motivate them by offering the

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Each member’s ability to contribute will vary but your time and effort to train them will boost their confidence level. Your members can earn the

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with your help and guidance.

You may at first be more hands on with your network, in order to establish a routine but as time progresses, the network should stabilize. When your network gains experience? You may only need to provide the occasional tip, advice or apply the new training method. You will need to courage your members. To instill confidence into your network, you will need to provide access to resources, good training, and communication and support as they gain wisdom.

Take a moment to chat with your network in the morning, afternoon or evening. This may help foster a professional relationship and to help solve any problems that may arise during the business day. Your leadership traits will play a factor in retaining and maintaining your membership network. Try to avoid of being over bearing to the prospects and new members but don’t stay in the shadows either. If you can build upon your training and make it your own, then you can explain the business in easier terms to new members. Helping your new members succeed should be one of the top priorities; your experienced team can handle the work load.

You can use instant messengers, email, phones, video conferences to help reach out to your network. You should inspire them with encouragement and be careful of negative remarks; any lesson that is learned is a good lesson. You should boost their confidence with constructive criticism. Sometimes if they review training material, this may help them understand the flow of the business. You can also hold motivational meetings to help boost interaction with your downline. When you show your members that you are there for them, they will be there for you in the business sense.

You can offer group awards and individual awards to help boost business. These awards are great tools to motivate a downline and to increase your business presence to prospects. These awards could include day spa’s, lunches, jewelry, cash bonus or similar items are good for tax write offs.

Remember your mindset is transparent to your members and a bad day should be placed into the closet until the end of the day. Your leaders will demonstrate your training and attitude to your newer members, so you should be careful in what you teach and how you present yourself. Remember to always inspire your members with a kind word or encourage their good work ethics with a cup of coffee or a free lunch, from time to time. You days will be better if you can overcome the sour notes that happen from time to time.


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