Automating Your MLM Home Business – 3 Things That You Need to Be Doing To Give Yourself More Free Time…

automate4189112148Have you ever had that thought that you’re working harder with your MLM home business than you ever have at any other job you’ve ever had?

A lot of MLM distributors get frustrated and discouraged because of this very fact. They’ve heard everything about how easy it was going to be and it ends up being harder than if they just had a job. They have no time on their hands because they’re constantly working in their MLM business day and night.

Well here’s the deal. If you’re just starting, don’t get discouraged and quit. Keep on keepin’ on through the pain because eventually, if you’ll follow the advice I’m about to give things will get easier. An MLM business isn’t a hobby – it’s just what I called it…a BUSINESS.

Running a business is tough, but there are ways to get around it, and make your MLM home business efforts more automated.

3 Ways to Make Your MLM Business More Automated…

1) Automate Your MLM Lead Generation System… The fact is that you could be generating MLM leads in your sleep just like you’ve heard over and over. The problem is that most people won’t do it. Mainly because they don’t know how.

First of all your upline – someone in your upline – should have a system that they’re using already. Go upline to find the person who has created a system and see if they’ll teach and allow you to tap into that system.

But if you have to start from scratch basically it takes a) A Squeeze Page b) An Auto-Responder System like Aweber and c) Traffic to the squeeze page.

Of course you’ll have to do some preliminary work on traffic but eventually using either Paid Traffic or Free Organic traffic from sources that you’ve built up such as article marketing, SEO, etc. then you’ll be able to enjoy that part of your business being automated as well.

2) Automate Your Correspondence With Your Team as a Mass… Of course you want to…or should I say HAVE to keep up with your team and keep them motivated and receiving training. You can do a great deal of this using broadcast message sent out from your auto-responder system.

You can even load up the messages before hand so that each member of your team receives one, two, three, or more messages from you automatically. Of course this CANNOT take the place of personal training to your personally enrolled or those on your first generation of your personally enrolled.
However a large part of that can be automated as well the same way. You can create reports specifically for new recruits filled with step-by-step instructions of what they need to do.

For instance a number of people have trouble simply getting around the back-office of their MLM opportunity page. So you can create a PDF or video demonstrating how to see your downline, add people to your downline, etc.

3) Record Any and All Webinars, Tele-seminars, etc. That You Do for Your Team or Propsects… Eventually you won’t have to do as many of these for training. The principals of MLM basically do not change. Just some technicalities now and again.

You can always edit videos to add to them, or make new ones in that case. But this will free you up if you’re doing a new one each and every week. Just let people listen to what you’ve already got.

4) Bonus… Outsource the Work that You Don’t Like… Outsourcing stuff like writing, or building websites, any of that stuff is one of the best things that you’ll ever eventually be able to do for your business.

If you need help finding people to outsource to, simply leave a comment and I’ll recommend my best people such as writers etc.

Ok there are 4 things that should help you out substantially in freeing up time for yourself in your MLM home business opportunity.

Now here’s the truth about all of this! If you’re successful in your MLM business, it’s because you’re working your butt off. And if you’re successful you’ll probably always be pretty darned busy. So automate what you can and what you think is tedious, and learn to enjoy the rest of it.

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